Family Snow Trip to Mount Ruapehu – Day One

Being from South Africa, seeing snow was a very rare thing for me, so off course moving to New Zealand where there is plenty of snow, a trip down to the mountain was on my list as a must.

We didn’t want to invest too much in snow gear because we were not sure whether we would love it or hate it.  First thing was getting the accommodation sorted knowing that a lot of the good stuff gets booked out really early.  We found a beautiful cabin called Lahar Alpine Retreat through BookaBach which the kids absolutely loved.  It was so picturesque I was happy to just stay in the house the whole time.  The only thing I really didn’t like when it comes to a winter holiday is the packing, you just have to pack so much more stuff!!


Luckily we managed to borrow most of our gear from family and friends.  The only things we bought were snow shoes when The Warehouse had their 40% sale they ended up being $15 each, I mean how could you not buy it.  Adam and I didn’t really have snow pants so we bought some pvc pants.  Now let me tell you these things are certainly not the most flattering pants especially if you are short like me, but they did the job. The drive is definitely not a short one but with the girls being a little older we only had to really stop once for lunch. We drove straight to the Whakapapa Ski Field just to see what it was all about before we spent a whole day at the snow.  Now in my head I imagined the snow to be soft and white like powder!  It was certainly white but not soft, it was ICE!!!!  Like hard ice that you scrape out of the freezer when you are cleaning it out.  Anyway we decided to head to the house and relax for the afternoon.

We arrived at the usual check in time and the best part was, we got to the house and the fire was already lit for us so it was nice and toasty warm. Dinner on the first night was homemade pizzas!

To be continued…


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