Family Snow Trip to Mount Ruapehu – Day Two

Here we are up bright and early, and it was freezing!  Once we were all layered up we were off to the Turoa Ski Field.  We got there around 9am which I thought was pretty good with two kids, however there were others there much earlier, so we had to park further down the mountain and catch the free shuttle up.  The kids didn’t want to do any skiing lessons so we hired two toboggan’s.  Before we tried that out we bought a pass for scenic chair lift which took us midway up the mountain, and boy does it get cold.

They did have a cafe up at the top which only opened at 11:00am which was a bit of pain and when those doors swung open everyone made a bee line for hot chocolates.  The snow further up was a bit softer but still pretty ice. The girls loved eating the snow, yes they ate it!!  We needed a bit of action so we went back down so we could toboggan.  As first timers the instructions on the board were not very clear and left us so confused, my main worry was how the hell I am going to stop this thing!  So Chloe who is the youngest came along with me and it was quite embarrasing, because in my practice round I didn’t even make it down the track, I went straight off to the side into no mans land. It was time to join the big guns so we headed off down the track, and I wish these things had brakes, for some reason, Chloe and I were going down at very high speeds, and I was pulling on the rope which did absolutely nothing.  The second attempt where at the end of the track is a big snow bank which the purpose of was to actually stop you, but oh no….not me, somehow we managed to go right over the bank and headed downhill towards a stream!!!  After much swearing and screaming we managed to stop!!  To which we provided much entertainment to my husband who was laughing his head off….ohhh that was not the time to laugh mate! (I kinda did laugh at myself afterwards…much later)

After all the excitment, it was time to build a snowman.  Like I said before the snow was not as soft as we hoped so building a snowman was not so easy as it seemed.  Please dont laugh…okay go on have a laugh our snowman was terrible, it was like it just had a very long neck!  IMG_5629

All in all, it was a great experience for us where we spent some good quality family time with lots of laughs along the way.  I look forward to our next snow trip….maybe in a couple of years!




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