Seems we are lacking Athletes!

Since the Olympics have begun I seem to be asking myself and my poor husband the same question all the time with no real answer.

Some of my favourite events to watch are the swimming, athletics and gymnastics but the problem is I cant really cheer on New Zealand because there isn’t enough of athletes in these particular events!

For a country that has such an emphasis on water sports, well where are the swimmers? I know of one maybe but why are we not up to the calibre of the other countries?

Track and field, all I know of is Valerie Adams and Nick Willis and don’t get me wrong super proud of them, but where are the rest? Why don’t we have sprinters, or more long distance runners?

Gymnastics another big event and with all the massive gymnastic schools around, how are we not getting anyone to represent us in this too?  What about basketball, the Breakers are amazing, do we have a team representing us there in this?

Does this all come down to funding?  Is there just not enough focus on these sports compared to others like ruby and cricket?

To be honest I have no idea and would love to hear from anyone who can shed some light on this?  I know New Zealand is a small country but I would have thought we have the potential to produce some kick ass athletes in these sports.



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