Classroom Shenanigans


Holy smokes what an eye opener parent helping at school is!  I help each week in my 5 year old’s class during their reading time.

I always admired teachers, but now even more so!!!  My goodness how is it that teachers are still sane???  We all struggle from time to time with our kids at home be it 2 or 3 kids etc but HOW do the teachers do it in a class with 20 little people.  I would have well and truly lost my marbles by now.

I guess the boy girl ratio is a bit off with only 5 girls and the rest boys! I don’t think people really know what teachers do unless you sit in a class with them, they have to put up with all the screaming and shouting and throwing of things!  Even with the teacher sorting each issue as they arrive, do kids just not respect their teachers enough??  I know they are only 5 but when I was in school, when the teacher spoke you stop what you doing and listen.

Teachers to me are just priceless, the work they put in before and after school prepping for their days and then going through the whole day constantly putting out fires, teaching and getting the kids to listen is so much more than what we think. I now try to help the teacher with more than just parent helping in the classroom, even if it’s just cutting or sticking things at home that I can do for her.

To all the teachers that read this, I applaud you, you guys rock!


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