Countdown to Fiji

I can’t believe that this time last year we were mid way through our holiday in Fiji.  This year we are going a bit later so we still have 4 weeks to go. But no harm in starting the countdown early, and life is so busy that before we know it that 4 weeks will be here! We are staying in the same place that we did last year the Radisson Blu Resort


We love this resort, it has everything you need.  It’s the only resort on Denarau with a climate controlled pool so it’s perfect for the kids (and myself), as I hate the water being too cold.  The pool area also has a hydro slide which the kids love!  The resort offer’s many amazing restaurants too. The good thing we found staying on Denarau, is you have the option to walk or catch the Bula bus to all the other resorts where you can eat at their restaurants, or visit the eateries at Port Denarau, so plenty of food choices. One of our favourites is  Mamacita Mexican Restaurant at the Wyndham Resort. The kids love the Kids Club at the Radisson Blu, we usually spend all morning and lunch with them, then at about 2pm we go and drop them into kids club and they get picked up at 5pm, total bliss!

If you can I would suggest staying in a one bedroom suite, especially when travelling with kids. There is plenty of room so you don’t feel like you on top of each other, it comes with a full kitchen and laundry, I hate bringing back dirty washing so the fact that I can wash and dry all our clothes makes the unpacking much easier.  Also having the two sleeping areas is great (especially if you husband snores, you can kick him out to the next room), sorry Adam!

Right time to work on getting all our essential stuff ready for when our trip comes around, we have learnt a few things from our trip last year.  This time round we will be packing much less clothes and more snack food.  Seriously I packed an outfit for each day, like what the hell was I thinking!!!


It was a good thing we checked our passports because both girls have recently expired in the same week!! I love that passport applications can now be done online at New Zealand Passports you can even take your passport photo using your smart phone, there are guidelines on how to take it and the size required, which is great as it saves spending money on getting them done at a pharmacy.  Both passports have now been renewed and on their way back to us.

Some of the things that I love, are definitely my Havaianas you always need a good pair of jandals!  I always buy mine direct from the website, for the girls because their feet are still growing and they usually wreck shoes quicker, I just get them jandals from either Kmart or Cotton On Kids.  Sunblock you can never have enough of this when going to Fiji, I love the  Le Tan sunblock.  It smells amazing, it’s like being on holiday all the time.  The Warehouse had them on special a couple of months back so I grabbed a few bottles.


Any parent travelling with kids know that you basically have to pack a whole freaking pharmacy with you, I swear most of the crap in our toiletry bag is medicinal stuff! Anyway, did you know that you can carry dry antibiotics with you (if you are travelling elsewhere, best to check first before taking it with you according to the countries laws).  The dry antibiotics unmixed lasts for two years, once it is mixed up it lasts for the standard 10 days. We take a bottle for each girl.

We all have our own net laundry bags, which I got from the $2 shop, they are not huge but big enough to fit everyone’s underwear in, and then we just throw it in the suitcase.  Don’t even start talking about suitcases, we need to desperately start investing in some good ones, we usually just borrow my parents. Now the sandwich maker, yes that’s right a sandwich maker.  Last year we travelled with our friends who had packed their’s and everyday at lunchtime after spending all morning in the pool, we would head back to our rooms and make loads of toasted sandwiches for lunch, which was easy, cost-effective and the kids enjoyed it. So I went and bought one for myself this year for a bargain, $10 at Kmart.

I think we are pretty much ready to go now, just a few bits and bobs to get, but other than that we are set.

We had the best family time last year and we can’t wait to do it all again….BULA!



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