Girls Night Out


I alway’s hear and read about how important it is for a couple to have date night and spend time with each other, which is great because I totally agree with that.

But how many people make an effort to have a girls night out with your girlfriends, or the dads/husband’s have a night out with their mates.  As important as it is to spend time with each other it is just as important to spend time apart and with friends.

My girlfriends and I have a night out as often as possible, now it’s not as easy scheduling these, we usually get out our calendars and work out who’s free!  The thing is our kids social lives takes up most of our bloody time, sometimes I wonder if they have better social lives than us.  But we will fix this!

If it’s not at a restaurant, it’s a simple night at one of our houses, in our trackies, (or if you are me, I go in my pj’s and big fluffy dressing gown), to watch a movie and eat take aways. I think mum’s and dad’s every now and again need some time out from everything at home, kids, spouses, work etc (even though all we talk about are kids!) It’s like having a mental break.

Last night was one of those nights, great friends, great food and many, many laughs! So if you are someone who doesn’t do this often, I say to you.. DO IT!!





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