Cheese Heaven

Now that the weather is somewhat getting warmer, I thought it would be fitting to share with you a place which we visited a couple of months ago.  It was much cooler when we went, but in summer it will be amazing, so make a note to visit the Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Shop

Spoilt for choice!

What we loved about visiting Puhoi Valley is the great playground they have for the kids, which is fully enclosed, so there will be no escaping kids!  Besides the playground the grounds are huge so plenty of room to run around and picnic too.

There are two sides to the grounds either side of the little river

The cafe is fantastic, the kids loved looking at all the cheeses in the cellar (you can’t go in though, you can only look through the glass).  My favourite part was tasting all the samples they had out, my favourite being the Matakana Blue Cheese…mmm.  At lunch time it gets pretty busy, and your orders might take a little while, but it’s worth the wait.

Adam and I ordered the Seafood Chowder and the kids got mousetraps, with bacon and oh so much cheese! You would expect a pretty good amount of cheese coming from a cheese place.

It’s somewhere we would definitely visit again, when it is summer time. But if you are ever heading up North from Auckland, I would recommend making a detour to this little gem.



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