Chicken Soup for the Soul

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We were pretty lucky that we went through most of winter without anyone getting sick…until now!  The 5 year old has been taken down!  At least it isn’t anything really bad, just high temps and that nagging freaking cough that wont go away, and apparently no cough medicine will help it either, why make cough syrup if it does nothing!

The last two nights I didn’t get any sleep, first night Chloe was in bed with me, bad idea!  She was moaning all night and I didn’t want her to get too warm so I was constantly pulling the covers away from her face! Last night, she was back in her bed, luckily no temps during the night but she felt the need to wake up a few times, one to try and sneak in my bed, didn’t work.  Second time, to tell me she sneezed on her cuddly (it’s a cat that she sleeps with), for fucks sake!!!!! So I woke up and cleaned her kitty and tucked her back in bed. Then the coughing started that kept both of us up. Lack of sleep and I do not mesh.

By the morning she was back to her bubbly self, but with a cough!  Gave her a bit of a massage with some Vicks before school drop off.  Which brings me to chicken soup.  Can you believe I have never made it before, and I can bet you the kids are going to moan about dinner tonight, but this soup is loaded with so many good things, I’m hoping to bribe them with something.  If it doesn’t work, Adam and I will be having soup for the next few nights.

You can find this amazing recipe by Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar here.

Give it a try x




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