Essential Oils & How I Use Them


For a long time now I have always used essential oil’s and when we were kids, I remember my mum used to get Eucalyptus leaves and put them in our hot baths! Using essential oils is not everyone’s cup of tea, I think people think it’s all very hippy or something, but I love them.

At the moment I am using the Thursday Plantation Oil’s and you can find about 100 uses for these oils that you can try at home.  Once these oil’s are finished I will be trying out a brand By Nature from New Zealand which is available at The Warehouse.

Here are some of the way’s I use these oils in our home:

  • Tree Tea Oil – whenever I wash our towels and sheets, I put in a few drops of this oil, it makes them smell good but it is also antibacterial
  • Lavender Oil – Once the new sheets are put on the beds, I always put a couple of drops on everyone’s pillow, and the funny thing is my girls love it and as soon as they know the sheets have been washed I catch them sniffing their pillows.  Also, if the kids had full on days or are really tired a few drops of this in the bath really helps to relax them
  • Eucalyptus Oil – this is my favourite oil, because my oldest daughter has really bad hay fever & asthma, whenever it is winter, she is just permanently blocked up.  I burn eucalyptus oil diluted with some water every night, and it helps with the sniffles and everyone breathes a bit better.  Also it does make the house smell amazing.  I also make my own kitchen spray with some water and Eucalyptus oil, and because of it being antibacterial, it’s perfect for the kitchen.

So there you go, those are some of the ways I use them. I would love to hear if you use them in your home and how.




2 thoughts on “Essential Oils & How I Use Them

  1. I have a bottle of peppermint oil in my handbag at the moment, taking great long sniffs of it helps clear the head and the nose … also a couple of drops of lavender or unwind on the kids pillows is something that they love 🌱

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