Father’s Day

This year Father’s day in New Zealand fall’s on Sunday, September 4th.  In our household it always start’s of with the girls helping me to prepare breakfast for Adam.  It’s something I grew up doing with my siblings for my dad and I want my girls to keep up that tradition. As per the photo that was last year’s spread, french toast, with crispy bacon and caramelised banana’s, it is a Chelsea Winter recipe.  I’m gonna have to top that this year!

I know it’s always hard buying gifts for men, well I struggle.  With Father’s day it’s always cute when the kids make handmade stuff, I think that’s so special.  But there are other options, if you want to add to that.  There are a couple of websites that I usually go to when looking to buy gifts.

Red Balloon is amazing, especially if you are looking at getting something different like an experience of some sort.  I have used this site a lot for gifts in the past for Adam.

Not Socks is another good one with all sort’s of things you can buy.

Hope all the dad’s out there have an amazing day.




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