Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer


We own a Dyson vacuum cleaner and I know that anything Dyson creates is just bloody amazing and stands the test of time. So when I saw this I was over the moon until I did a bit more research and found the cost.  I feel like I need to sing Jesse J’s song Pricetag right about now.

Things you should know about this new hairdryer that will be hitting the shores of New Zealand in 2017.

  • Price tag – ok guys I would suggest you sit down for this, because it will knock your socks off, this hairdryer is going to retail for about $700 WTF!!!! The things I can do for that amount of money. I guess I’m not Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Hawkins!
  • It’s meant to be a much quieter hairdryer and dries your hair much quicker than your average hairdryer
  • It has a thermostat that measures the temperature 20 times per second reducing heat damage
  • The motor is in the handle and the accessories i.e nozzles are magnetic
  • It’s meant to last at least 10 years (wonder if I can use that as a selling point to the husband?…mmm…probably not!)

This hairdryer will be unbelievable but really there is no way I can afford this. However if there are demos at stores I will be going in with freshly washed hair to “try” it out 😆




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