Falling by Jane Green

I have read so many of Jane Green’s book’s they are such easy reads, and I’m a romantic at heart so love the chick lit books.

To me this book has your typical over worked young girl who left her birth country to look for greener pastures in New York, only to find it’s not all that great, so looking for a change,  Emma finds herself in Westport, Connecticut.  The way the lifestyle in the quiet beach town is described almost made me pack my bags, and move the family to Westport.

As I was reading the book, it became a little predictable, in that I knew what was happening before it did. It’s about Emma finding herself and where she fits in everything. The characters are great, and Dominic’s parent’s actually sound very similar to a typical Indian family even though they are not.

Without giving too much away, the ending left me SHOCKED!  I was sitting there, looking at the book (or kindle in my case) and thinking, did that just happened??  Are you serious?? Expecting the book to answer me back!

I really enjoyed the book even though it was a little predictable,it was nice to be taken away to Westport, and if you want something light and romantic then you should read this.

Happy Reading.


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