Photographs – They capture a moment that’s gone forever.


It just amazes me how far we have come with photography these days, from smartphones, digital cameras, SLR’s, to Instax.  The options are endless, I do wonder what will come next!

Photography has evolved so quickly, and the talent of people out there just blows me away, they are truly artists. I consider myself a photography enthusiast, I mean sometimes the way I angle myself and the camera to take a photo you might think I actually know what I am doing. But hey nothing wrong with taking a 100 photos if you can easily delete them. Time moves so fast all I want to do is capture as many memories as I can.

But I wonder, what do you do with the photos on your phone/camera?  Do you download them to your computer and are they stored in folders? I save our photos on our computer and then have them printed to put them in albums/photo books.  I have done so for years and do this every few months.  I am currently sitting with a folder on my desktop called ‘Photos for Printing’, which I have being meaning to finalise for a few weeks now.

My husband and our girls, every now and again, get all our albums out (there are a few!) and look through all our photos, the memories just come flooding back.  We even do this when we go to my parents house, I absolutely love it.  There is something about having a physical thing to hold and look at, compared to that of a slideshow on the computer/tv.

We are lucky there are so many online printing companies that we can use.  In New Zealand I use Snap Fish. However, I am always on the lookout for other options, so let me know who you use to print your photos.

So get snapping!

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
― Marc Riboud


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