Happy Fathers Day

First and foremost happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dad’s out there today, but also to the mothers who have to be both mum’s and dad’s to their kids.

I had great plans for this morning, we went up to my parents farm yesterday so we could spend the day there and I had planned with my sister and mum to cook up a big cooked breakfast for my dad and Adam on Fathers Day! However we found out the roads were going to be blocked on Father’s Day for some rally car race! Seriously!!! On Father’s Day!

So at the crack of dawn we left to head back to Auckland. Adam received the best Fathers Day gift (not), Chloe decides it was a good time to throw up in the car. We quickly pull over off the motorway and here is Adam cleaning up vomit, Kiara standing a mile away from the car gagging and me cleaning up Chloe all the while in my Hello Kitty pajama’s, trying to be inconspicuous but that didn’t quite work. I should have got a photo! Luckily we have a great lunch planned which should make up for this morning.

But this little incident made me realise that whenever the girls were sick, from the time they were babies Adam would always be the first to clean up the vomit and yucky poos, I could always count on him for that because he knows I can’t handle it.  For always sticking around when I have been at my lowest points, and managing to always pick me up. For treating me like a queen, so our girls will learn how a man should treat them when they grow up, with love and respect.

So THANK YOU to my husband for being my rock and our girls hero. It’s easy to be there for the pretty side of parenting but when the shit hits the fan (sometimes literally) in this crazy journey of being parents, that’s when it all counts.

We love you Adam xx


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