Mascara – You can never have too many!

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My current collection!
Right ladies, I need some help with mascara’s.  I don’t usually wear a lot of make up during the week as I’m always rushing out the door. But I find just some powder, lippy and good mascara is all I need. Now I know most women have at least two as a minimum, and let’s face it, we don’t really get rid of mascara as often as we should.  I for one, have had some of these for years which only after today whilst doing some research realised how bad that is. But surely I’m not the only one right that keep them forever?
So I found out today that most mascara’s have a use by date, so to speak once opened of about 6 months!  I had NO idea.


That little picture I’m pointing to that has 6M on the bottom of the mascara, show’s you the use by date.  For those that didn’t know, go on then I know you want to, go and get your mascara and have a look!! My Maybelline masacara’s don’t have this symbol on the bottom, just my Benefit and Smashbox one.  But I’m just gonna go with 6 months for all now.  Which means, I need to throw all out except for the The Falsies. You learn something new everyday!

Naturally I have long eyelashes so have really struggled with finding the right mascara for them.  The one’s that I currently have are okay but I wouldn’t say they are the greatest for my lashes.  They still clump up and look messy. It’s either the product, user error or I have very unruly eyelashes. At least they don’t smudge though. I have tried in the past a Loreal mascara which had some black fibres on them but what I found was after a while these fibres seem to fall and settle like dust under my eye, not a good look!

I have heard of Revitalash Mascara and primer but I haven’t tried it, if you have, please let me know if it is good.  I have also read loads about Lash Noir but I really cannot afford that! But would still like to hear if you really think it’s worth it.

So if there are any mascara’s that you swear by please let me know!

Ronell x





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