Chasing Waterfalls

Everyone know’s I love a bit of adventure, especially exploring our beautiful country. Now with the weather getting better, it’s time to start making some plans on where you are going to explore next.

We as a family have been to a few waterfalls, because we have two kids, we usually find tracks that are easy and not too long for them.  Going on these little adventures are so much fun. The girls usually moan about going, when I wake up all excited that we are off to find a waterfall, but soon enough they get into the spirit of it once we are there. I would suggest definitely do this if you have kids that can walk independently, because you do not want to carry a child back on the return trip, it’s torture!  If you have smaller babies, then those baby backpack carriers are good. Also carry lot’s and lot’s of snacks and water, if you do go with younger kid’s have a few breaks on the way, this should eliminate any complaints or moaning that you may experience from the little people.

Karakare Falls

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Karekare Falls
This was a very easy walk to get too, and it has a nice little picnic spot at the bottom.  The photo is not the best, I got out my big SLR camera to take photos on, only to realise I left the memory card at home in the computer!!  So much for that idea! It was down to the phone.  In summer this would be perfect to have a nice dip in.  On the other side of the car park you can walk to the beach.  You can find more information about these falls here.

Waiau Falls


This waterfall, you can find down the 309 Road in Coromandel, we were camping in Summer and found this little gem along this road.  It’s only a small walk down to the falls and is great for swimming, the water for me though was too cold.  There were some brave swimmers there on the day jumping in.  Not a lot of space at the bottom for a picnic or anything it’s more for just swimming in.  You can find more information about this falls here.

Cascade Falls – Waitakere Ranges

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Little pools along the track
This track was fairly flat, making it great for kids and it isn’t long either.  However, we searched high and low for this big falls, which we thought we would find, we got close enough and heard the sound of the falls, but couldn’t quite get over some of the big boulders that were around the place.  Along the track  you will find many small pools which are perfect for the little ones to sit in and cool off. You can find more information on cascade falls here.

Mokoroa Falls

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Mokoroa Falls – Waitakere Ranges
There isn’t a lot of parking at the start of this track probably about 5 cars only.  The track is pretty sheltered so can get a bit muddy.  There are a few tracks that go off the main one, so make sure you know where you are going!  This photo was taken from a lookout point which was pretty high up and we still had to walk all the way down there!  It has some pretty steep, slippery stairs going down, and unfortunately when we got down it was packed, so many trampers and not a lot of space.  With this falls there is a track that runs along the river upstream towards the fall, but is about 2hrs or longer and you have to be prepared to get wet! We were not!  Anyway, we couldn’t get all the way around to the bottom, it was so muddy and we didn’t really have the right gear on, Nike’s just didn’t cut it for this.  Oh the walk back up all those stairs, killed me, my legs were like concrete.  Got back up and stopped for a quick snack and then walked all the way back which is on an incline most of the way.  For more info click here.

The Waitakere Ranges have so many options for hikes and waterfalls, it’s worth doing a bit of research and finding one that you can explore next with your family.

Go forth and chase those waterfalls!

Ronell x


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