The Art of Packing


Is there truly an art to packing when you are off on a holiday? We leave for our Fiji holiday soon, so it’s time to start packing.  We have the suitcases in the lounge and that’s as far as we got!  We are hoping to finish all of the packing tomorrow.  So this whole time these suitcases have been staring at me, waiting patiently, and it got me thinking is there a perfect way to pack?

I like to pack light, where as my husband he is a serial over packer!  Every time, even if it’s for one night he over packs.  My theory is if we are staying in a place where we have our own washing machine and dryer then we don’t need to pack extra clothes just do a wash now and again.  However, in saying that, there is one thing that I always over pack for the girls and I, and that is underwear!  Don’t ask me why, but I don’t worry much about the clothes bit, but I pack all our underwear, if we have lot’s of underwear I’m at peace.

We are taking 3 suitcases this time, 1 which will hold all our clothes (that’s four of us), 1 for food that we are taking with us, and a small 7kg suitcase which will have all our toiletries and half of our local pharmacy in there too.

I’m thinking I will try and roll all our clothes and fit them in the suitcase, and hopefully this will save us some space, and it will only be a bit tight on the way there, because coming back home we wont have that much food to bring back.

If you have a technique or any tips that you use when you travel that saves space and helps keep your sanity whilst packing, please share them with me!


Ronell x




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