My Little Scientist

As part of Kiara’s school project for her her enquiry this term she chose Material World. 

After much deliberation and brainstorming we came up with a project. This is something that can easily be done at home with your kids during the school holidays. It’s so much fun, however be warned your house will smell like someone has very bad gas, please don’t invite anyone over at that time. 

You will need to buy a red cabbage, slice that up and put it in a pot with water and bring to the boil. Keep this going for a while to really get that colour out. Strain the juice into a jug. 

Pour the juice into a few glasses or plastic cups and then let the testing begin. You can use general household items. Try out vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, washing powder, green tea, ect just keep adding these to the juice and watch the colour change! Let the kids go crazy and experiment with all sorts of things. Parent supervision is advised. 

Have fun x


2 thoughts on “My Little Scientist

  1. That is really cool! I once cooked purple brussel sprouts and noticed the water they were boiled in was a beautiful blue-green in the pot. I then poured it into a plastic container (thinking I would use it as die or paint for a craft project) and a few days later it had turned purple! Then a few days after that it got slimy and gross and got tossed down the sink. Oh well.

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