Day 2 in Fiji

Okay so I won’t bore you with the usual morning routine that’s pretty much the same everyday though I would like to point out I find myself sitting poolside and it’s like I’m in the middle of filming a scene from Shahs of Sunset!!!! Wtf should I have carried my mascara??? I didn’t because I didn’t want to end up looking like Kung Fu Panda in the pool or couldn’t be arsed taking off loads of makeup before bed. Lippy is all I need. 

Couple of highlights of day 2, one of which was reuniting with my wonderful friend and her family after 6 years, we worked together back when I lived in Sydney. It was like old times again, loved it. After our lunch catch up, you know what time it was, kids club…yesss!!!

The other highlight was Adam and I treated ourselves to a 1 hour couples tropical massage which included a bonus 20 min head and scalp massage. Thank you I’ll take that. 

The only thing I find about massages being a women is trying to get comfortable lying down when you have big boobs! Geez trying to push and prod them into place is quite a job, oh and once you lying there waiting you get the towel tucked into your underwear and they pull it down so half your bum crack is showing! Omg I get so embarrassed and feel a bit violated. This feeling soon passes once the massage starts! The massage was amazing I was in pure Fiji heaven and the head massage even better except I think they used about half a litre of oil in my hair. Even after washing my hair I couldn’t get it all out! All worth it though for an hour and 20 minutes of bliss. 

No stroll along the beach is complete without a selfie! 

Dinner was at Chantara Thai which is part of the Radisson Blu resort. I’m sad to say I was fairly disappointed. The kids meals are really small portions. We got the tempura prawns for starters to share. I ordered the Thai Beef Salad. I was expecting the beef to be warm but it was cold! It didn’t come with any salad ingredients as such except for mint and red onion. The dressing was delicious and there was plenty of meat but all this salad left me with was onion breath for the rest of the night. Not good. Adam ordered a pork dish which was yum! 

We finished of the night on a high with an amazing dance and fire show. These guys have rhythm and can bust a move! Loved it. 

Bula Vanaka from Fiji! 


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