Korovuto Primary School Tour


On our last day in Fiji, we booked our family to do a school tour which is run by the Radisson Blu Resort.  It was such an eye opener especially for the girls and for some of the adults too.  The school we were visiting (they change each time to a different school) was Korovuto Primary School. To be honest some of the features of the school is close to home for me because some of the schools I went to in South Africa were very similar.  When we visited Nadi Town, we picked up some stationery supplies to take over with us on the tour to hand over to the school.  It’s much cheaper doing it that way than buying through the resort.

A bit about the Adopt a School Programme that the resort runs.  The programme is run voluntarily by the resort and they assist local schools and are currently help 21+ schools.  They raise funds through guest donations, the resort’s weekly Duck Derby & Frog racing.  All funds go 100% to the schools.  The cost of the tour is $10FJ per head.  The great thing about this tour is, you don’t have to be a guest at the Radisson Blu to go on it, even if you are staying at other resorts, you can head over to the Radisson Blu and book a spot on the bus, the tour runs every Friday.  They use the money to help with getting computers to the school, setting up libraries which they have set up 20 to date, cleaner and more hygienic toilet blocks, fixing leaking roofs so kids don’t have to sit in wet classrooms.  The principal of Korovuto Primary was very proud to show us the computers and the library that was set up for the students all from guest donations, and it was still so small compared to that of our schools, but for them it was the bees knees!


All the families in our group gave the school stationery donations, as well as monetary donations once we got back to the resort, after seeing the school it’s not hard to donate. These kids were so excited to come and collect all the packs.


Each family were given a tour of all the classrooms and schools by prefects.  Our prefects were Ria and Raina, who were so lovely and polite. Below are some photos from just around the school.  At the time a lot of the kids were sitting external exams or preparing for them and they start from as young as 11 when they have to sit the exams.  Very similar to my days in primary school, we started exams from age 10.


Corridor in the school, each class outside is personalised.


The kids were so happy to welcome us into their classrooms, and the teachers spoke to us about what they were learning etc, I felt a bit bad about disturbing their learning time however all the teachers were so hospitable.  At the time of our visit the school had no power due the workman carrying out repairs on the power cables, which meant the fans in the classrooms were not working either, it was a pretty hot day!  The school runs on tank water as well.


The school is very spread out and is the 3rd largest primary school in Nadi, however with the growing number of kids they now have started to use some of the classrooms at the college which is in the same grounds.


This class had the right idea, they were doing their work under a massive mango tree, and Kiara got right in there with the kids and had a look at what they were learning, on a side note I was tempted to climb the tree and get some mangoes!!!


After looking through the school, we were treated to some drinks and the kids put on a little dance for us to, which was lovely but it was so hot and they still danced in the heat!


As a family we absolutely loved the tour and both girls enjoyed meeting with the local kids and getting right into things talking with the kids. It was a highlight of our holiday for sure.

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Our family with Ria and Raina

If you are going to Fiji I would highly recommend going on the school tour.  You just get so much out of it, especially the kids.  If you want to keep updated with the Adopt a School Programme and see how the donations are helping these schools you can check out their Facebook Page here.

Ronell x




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