Going to the Cinema Breaks the Bank

Popcorn and tickets
A costly excursion!

Once upon a time going to the cinemas to watch your favourite movie was affordable.  My husband and I don’t go out to clubs etc, we have passed our use by date for that, however, we do love going out for dinner and the movies, we are both movie buffs!  Add kids to the mix and boy does the price these days to go and watch a movie starts to soar.I am constantly on the look out for deals and movie coupons. I am a member of both reward programs through Event Cinemas and Hoyts Cinemas. Yep try to save where I can.


Yesterday I took my two girls to watch Pete’s Dragon, which by the way was amazing loved every bit of it, and the girls now want a dragon!  I booked on a Tuesday thinking cheap Tuesday wont be too bad, well hello, tickets for the 3 of us which I purchased online cost me $40.10, to which they added a stupid booking fee to each ticket!  I had some points I could have used towards the tickets but I thought I will use them towards our popcorn.



Well that didn’t quite workout, I found out yesterday there is a difference between the two cinema’s reward program as I foolishly tried to use my points for our popcorn, yes both offer points that you can accumulate to get free tickets, but with Event Cinemas you can only use your points towards tickets, where as with Hoyts cinemas reward program you can use your points towards tickets and popcorn, drinks etc.  So 3 small popcorns cost me $19.50, so there you go in total it cost the 3 of us going on a Tuesday $59.60 to be exact!  If this was on a normal day and all four of us went as a family well that would be close to $100.  Thank god I carried some lollies in my bag.

The thing is I could sneak in my popcorn from home but I love hot popcorn with butter at the movies, but why they need to charge so much I have no idea.  Popcorn kernels are not expensive and the way they charge for it, well the machines (not even people) that pops it is probably paid off, so really what’s the deal?  I can see now why so many people just take their own snacks in.

The price is obviously not going to stop me from going to the movies because we love it, but I need to be smarter about it and try to save where I can a $1 here and there eventually all adds up!






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