Are our kids too busy?

Okay so the school holidays are almost over here in New Zealand, and you know what starts with school being back, all the bloody running around that we do after school taking our kids to their activities!  I swear 3pm hits, and it is like mum’s taxi service starts up.  I feel like we parents are running around like headless chooks sometimes.

So here are my girls schedule and their activities:

Daughter 1 (10yrs old)

  • Netball training 8am on a Tuesday morning (during term 2 & 3)
  • Guitar practice Wednesday after school
  • Netball games Wednesday afternoon (during term 2 & 3)
  • Thursday Jazz lessons after school (plus extra lessons around exam times and end of year show)

Daughter 2 (5yrs old)

  • Swimming lessons Monday after school
  • Jazz lessons Tuesday afternoon

Most of the time we only get home at dinner time, so then it’s the witching hour everyone is hungry and tired.  So from Monday to Thursday we have an activity everyday and one child usually tags along if they don’t have anything on, and they whine because they have to sit through the others lesson!

Netball, even though it is during winter (which I think is crazy) rain or shine they keep playing their games and they hardly ever cancel!  Some games are at like 6:30pm at night!


That is my daughter Kiara and her team playing in the pouring rain whilst we parents stand under umbrellas freezing our arses off!  I mean these girls are troopers though playing in these conditions.

I often ask my husband, “why are we doing this, putting them in all these activities?”  I always get the same reply back, “because it’s good for them”.  I know that we are all lucky that we are in positions to be able to give our children these opportunities to learn how to play a musical instrument, dance, play sport etc but when is it too much?  I feel kids are just getting busier and busier and they must be exhausted, (because I know I sure as hell am) and should we allow them sometimes to just be kids!

Sometimes we get asked from the girls, “can we do this activity, because my friend is doing it too?” Ummm….no!!  You’re doing enough already and it all cost’s money, it aint for free.  I think sometimes it kinda gets competitive too, amongst the parents!  Some push their children so hard even though they know sometimes their kids probably don’t actually enjoy it, come on guys ease off a bit, they are only kids, once in their life.

I’m all for keeping kids active and doing things that they have a passion for, but at the same time I want them to just be kids.

Do you have a limit in your house with how many activities your kids can do?

So may the force be with us all as we go through the last term of school for this year!

Ronell x



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