Crystal Mountain!

I have lived in New Zealand for a while now but I have never visited Crystal Mountain!  Since my oldest daughter is into collecting crystals and it was the end of the school holidays, it was time to head on over to this attraction.

Now I had my reservations about this place (maybe I still do) only because of what I have heard.  It is pretty old and run down a bit so hence I was a bit apprehensive.  We got there in the morning so it wasn’t too busy.  The cost to enter was a little expensive, $35 for the ultimate pass which includes the roller coaster, the cost is the same for both adults and children, and it is unlimited rides on everything.  Adam and I chose not to do the roller coaster and pony rides (for obvious reasons)!  So we paid $15 each. First up they sprinted towards the roller coaster.


That’s our girls hand’s in the air and all!  They loved it, the roller coaster went around 4 times.  They couldn’t get enough of it.


You can catch the train which takes you around the place for a bit of a tour and you get to see some of the farm animals.  They have a section where there are some big dinosaur’s.  The thing that I thought of as we were going around, was it all looks so empty, but they are doing the best they can with what they have.  I also wondered what this place could become with the right monetary backing!


Part of your entry fee, is you get a bag of food, well it was more like just hay to feed the animals as you walk around. I tried feeding some of the goats but they were pretty full from being fed by everyone.


The girls loved the pony rides, you have to wait for a while, especially when it gets busy as there was only one girl taking the  kids around.

There are lots for the kids to do here and it is spread out so you don’t feel too crowded in which is good, and by 11am this place got pretty crowded.  Miss 10 was not impressed because she had to sit in the back of the yellow car and didn’t get a turn to drive (this was her 2nd time there really).

By this stage, they have been on the roller coaster twice so about 8 times round the course and by now I was getting pretty hungry, and surprisingly they were so busy with everything around them they never asked us for food, until we said it was lunch time.  That has got to be a good thing.

I was so impressed with the cafe, I ordered the smoked salmon toastie, Adam had the BLT stack and all the kids meals were $8 each.  The other foods were your average cafe prices mostly over $10 unless you were having cakes etc.  But I was eyeing out all the food coming out of that kitchen and they all looked amazing.

It was time for us to head to the crystal shop (my favourite part).  Seriously there were so many crystals I didn’t know which one to get.  I’ve read people’s stories of how crystals choose them and I was walking around thinking which one is going to choose me, I was confused as hell!  I was looking for signs or something, or maybe I was just loosing my mind, but nothing chose me! The girls loved it, Kiara was in her element going around and explaining each one to us and what they mean etc it was great to see her so enthusiastic about it all.

We then got the lift down to the Crystal Museum which was very fascinating and great to see all the crystals and the countries which some of them were from.

It was a fantastic family outing and what it taught me was from an adults outlook based on just visually how the placed looked, I didn’t have high hopes, but the girls have shown me that from a child’s outlook, it was the best place ever!  Like the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder!”


If you would like more information on Crystal Mountain you can click here.

Hope you decide to visit it someday too!

Ronell x


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