Manuka Doctor Facial Oils

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Manuka Doctor Facial Oils

I am by no means a beauty or skin care expect all I know is my skin, and I know as women, we all go through stages in our life when our skin is at its worst. We find products that work and we use it and we feel great.  Then as time ticks on we start to notice that once again our skin is changing!

When I was a teenager I had really bad acne, like really bad!  I now have the scars to show for it.  I never really used a lot of make up in my teens and even now I am quite happy to go without it, because I am constantly worried about breakouts.  Even facials, I know they are meant to be really good for you, but I’m always worried about breaking out afterwards, which to some extent I know is normal (damn you acne you have made me paranoid).  I have used so many different skin care products over time and they did what they needed to do at that stage of my life.

However, I’m now starting to notice a lot more lines around my eyes and some mornings I wake up and think geez my skin is looking dull!  So I started looking into what I can use to help my skin, I mean it’s the biggest organ that we have and it needs looking after. I currently use the Goodness Products skin care range which I am happy with. I have heard about Manuka Doctor for a while now, and have ready so many good things about it, but never really looked into their products, so I thought I would give their facial oils a try in conjunction with my moisturisers that I’m using.  If these can help with some of my scars and at the same time make my skin look alive then why not!

The Replenishing Oil revitalise’s and replenishes the skin.  Some of the other benefits listed for this product is:

  • Clinically proven, in just ten minutes, skin looks more luminous, complexion more younger looking & fine lines refined
  • Clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth & increase skin firmness & elasticity in just four weeks
  • Omega rich oils help regain suppleness & elasticity by protecting moisture levels of the skin

The Brightening Oil helps with brightening and smoothing the skin. Some of the additional benefits for this product is:

  • Clinically proven to reduce age spots in just four weeks
  • In ten minutes skin appears more luminous, revitalised & more radiant
  • Deeply nourishing essential oils visibly promote skin’s flexibility

They both contain a whole heap of good stuff which is great. So I plan on using a tiny bit of the replenishing oil around my eye area and the brightening oil on the rest of my face just at night only for a few days before I use it both in the morning and night.

I’m a little nervous because of my skin type and this being an oil but we will see how I go. By the way the RRP for the oils are $29.95, I bought mine from Life Pharmacy and they currently have a 30% sale on so bargain!!!  How could I not try this out?

I will get back to you on how I go with these oils!  If you have used these oils I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Ronell x

p.s  This product was not gifted or sponsored to me, I bought them, just saying!



4 thoughts on “Manuka Doctor Facial Oils

    1. I have used it last night and this morning around my eyes and my skin already feels great, so it will be good to see how my skin ends up looking after using it for a while. The bottles are so cute they are glass as well.


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