Camping Diaries – Camp Waipu Cove

Now the Waipu Cove campground is a big one!  But even though it’s big and was pretty full at Easter time you never felt cramped because it was all spread out really nicely and had lots of trees/bushes as dividers from the different lot of sites. We had booked site 114 which was a great position, close to the showers/toilets and kitchen block.  Also we could sit outside our tent and watch the girls on the playground.  However, this site was on some pretty hard ground, both Adam and I dropped the F bomb a few times.  We damaged so many pegs they were just getting bent and not going in at all, it took us almost an hour to work out just the peg positions and we had to keep moving the tent and what angle it was at.  Definitely not happy campers at that point.


The photos are a bit small not sure what type of technology I was using at that time!  As you can see we learnt from the last trip and got ourselves a gazebo.  Which we have over the entrance of the tent keeping that area nice and dry.  It came in very handy as we had a few days of rain that was on and off during the day but would set in at night.

The playground was awesome, it was so big, and there were shade sails, and a big trampoline as well.  The girls loved it!  It can get a bit busy so you do have to keep a close eye on the younger ones.  In the middle photo you will see our red tent in the background with the blue gazebo.  They have two playgrounds on the campground which is great.  The kitchens were good and great undercover eating areas.  The showers and toilets were clean however, when it rains well it can be forgiven for not been the tidiest. We always shower with our jandals (flip-flops) on.  The showers cost 50c here. Also there is the Cove shop which is a nice little walk where you can pick up ice cream and other essentials.



Whenever we stay at Waipu Cove, having lunch at The Pizza Barn is a must for anyone visiting.  The pizza’s are amazing and the atmosphere is perfect.  A good selection for everyone. During the weekend there is fantastic market that runs along the streets. Waiting has some great shops as well to look around. At the time that we camped there was a country fair on!

The campground runs along a fantastic surf beach and has lifeguards as well. All in all this is a great campground and besides the trouble we had at the start with getting the pegs in there isn’t much else to complain about.

Another thing I always do when looking at campgrounds to stay at is to check their reviews that they get on Tripadvisor.  It’s my go to place, now everyone has different opinions and some people may love it and others hate it, you just have to take it all with a grain of salt and pick out the bits that are important to your family.

Ronell x





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