Christmas Gifts – Save or Splurge

Christmas is such a magical time of year, there are fairy lights everywhere, christmas songs playing in the shopping malls, there are lot’s of parties to go to and great food.  But, it’s the season that also bleeds you dry, as in leaves you broke!  Unless you’re one of those super organised people and buy your gifts throughout the year and at the big mid year sales, then your’e good.  We all aim to do this however, not many of us are successful.

Lots of people tackle Christmas gifts differently, in my family for the adults we do a secret santa, which is so much fun and when you are part of a big family it is a good way of keeping costs down as well.  The kids however, get gifts from everyone, and I feel christmas gifts are more for the kids than the adults, in my opinion anyway. Adam and I usually buy something for each other as well, but again we keep to a budget.

So I would love to know what’s the deal with buying Xmas gifts in your family?  We usually get the girls one big present from us (Santa aint taking credit for that one), and a few small ones which are from Santa.  They also get a new set of pj’s each christmas.  My husband sometimes likes to do lots of small gifts so the girls have loads to open, but really sitting for over an hour unwrapping gifts!!!    I would rather buy a few things that are good quality, rather than ending up with a shit load of small gifts everywhere that get lost or broken over time.

Do you have a budget that you stick to you? Is there a certain number of gifts that you give out per child?  Besides your own children, what about your Christmas catch ups with your friends and if there is a big group of you, how do you tackle that?

We did this cool thing last year with our friends and their kids, each person buys a gift according to the number of kids you have, I have two girls so I bought two gifts.  There was a budget I think of $10 and everyone wraps the gifts (unlabeled) and places them on a table.  The kids then pick numbers from a hat, and that’s the order that they go up to the table and choose a gift.  They absolutely loved it and it was so much fun to watch them.

Now don’t forget teacher gifts and something for the class!!!  So you can see how slowly all this starts to add up!!  But in saying that I do love giving gifts, I would rather give a gift than get one myself.  One year for my daughters class I put together little lolly bags, which was great to do, and who can resist packing maltesers! I also got a personalised gift for the teacher from Identity Direct.


Just to put it out there we are mid way through November and I have not done any Christmas shopping at all!  I will be the crazy lady running around the mall.  Here are just a couple of websites to help with finding some cool gifts.

Mighty Ape

Fish Pond

The Book Depository


Shut the front door

For Keeps

Crave Home

Have fun shopping!

Ronell x


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