White Cloud Spur – My Take on it!

When I heard that Spur was opening up here on the North Shore I was beyond excited, being South African, and knowing what a great place it was back home.  The weekend after it opened we attempted going however the line was extremely long, and we would have been waiting probably an hour to get in and with two hungry children we made a quick U-turn.

So we decided that we would let the hype die down and then go during the week.  When Adam finished work today we dashed over in peak hour traffic to get there in record time to if I might add.  We got there around 5:15pm, dinner bookings start from 5pm so you want to go early as it does fill up.  The good thing though is, it has two levels so once the downstairs is full then they open up the top dining area.

Once you are seated, the kids get some colouring in to do and mask’s, much to my girl’s delight.  Whilst we ordered our dinner the kids played in the playground outside (check out my Facebook page Not in a Nutshell for the video of the kids playground).

The meals came out pretty quickly, first up were the kids meals, Kiara had the ribs, which where a bit on the small side.  Chloe had the pizza which was great and a lot for her (thank you I’ll take a doggy bag please!).

I ordered the Sauce burger because from memory the mushroom sauce at Spur is amazing! Well I was very disappointed, the sauce was a bit bland and the actual burger pattie itself had no seasoning on it at all!  My meal was luke warm besides the chips that were hot.  My burger kinda looked sad!  I was so looking forward to this.  I’m not sure why people are scared of using seasoning when making food!!  It drives me nuts every time.  Adam’s was no better, the chicken wings seemed poached because they were so white, rather than having some sort of char grill to it.  The sauce on his ribs were good but his meal too was luke warm as well.

All in all, we were fairly disappointed with the food, however, the atmosphere, deco and playground were fabulous, but we wont be rushing back!  I really wished I could have written an amazing review for the food but I can’t.  Please note these are just my opinion’s you might have a completely different experience with the food.

Maybe in time it will get better!

Ronell x



2 thoughts on “White Cloud Spur – My Take on it!

  1. Justin Capitao November 16, 2016 / 7:37 pm

    Hey Ronell, who knew aye. We were in the SPUR at the same time and didn’t even know it. I agree with what you say about the SPUR here in NZ. We all thought exactly that about the chicken wings, like they were poached and then just marinated in the sauce. We reckon first of all that the sauce on the wings needs a little bit more of a kick, and definitely needs to be char grilled.

    The boys were a little bit disappointed about paying $11 for 4 chilly poppers(Even though they were SO yummy). Maybe 5 or six poppers, as i ordered the poppers and crumbed mushrooms for $16, and i got 3 poppers and 4 massive mushrooms, i feel this was better value for money.

    The service was FANTASTIC. No excessive waiting, the food was a good temperature and well worth it. We loved only paying $6.50 for a Castle Lager, in other restaurants you’d probably pay anywhere between $8-$10. Double Rum and Coke was $8, once again cheaper than any other restaurant we know.

    They decor was nice, but i miss the darker, warm, cozy feeling of the Spur’s in South Africa. The dark wood and stain glassed windows, thick dark carpet. Sorry White Cloud, i’m not saying your one is not good, i’m just reminiscing about days gone by 🙂

    All in all, a 7.5 out of 10.

    Cheers, and i’ll bring my family over soon to enjoy.


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    • Not in a Nutshell November 16, 2016 / 7:41 pm

      Hey Justin! I cannot believe we were there at the same time! Bugger! Yes the wings certainly needed a bit more kick. The service was amazing, really friendly staff. I’m hoping these are just teething problems as they are fairly new, and in time it will get better. I wonder if the chef is South African? We didn’t order any alcohol but those prices sound great!


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