It’s a Moana Party! 

This weekend we celebrated my daughter’s 6th birthday and she wanted a Moana themed party after watching the movie. 

I still wanted to keep it all low key and not a huge affair by going overboard with decorations etc. 

I ordered her invite through Etsy which was perfect. It was a Moana themed design which I chose from quite a few. So there is plenty of options. Also you are paying for one high resolution digital file which cost me $8 and once designed, it got emailed to me and I printed them out. I love using Etsy for these. 

The table setting was fairly simple as well all the decorations were purchased from Look Sharp. The sand and shells were from our local beach! 

Loot bags are something that I swore I would never do but hence I have done them! Well I couldn’t not do them after I saw these little bags. I bought a flower head band from Look sharp and removed the Frangipani’s and stuck them into the bag. 

Now the cake!! I didn’t want to make something too complicated. I knew I wanted to use toy figurines from the movie on the cake and Chloe can have those afterwards as part of her gifts. I ordered a playset of Farmers and was offcourse sent a different set to what I had ordered. OMG…I was in panic mode as the whole cake was designed around this set. The other set that I was given had most of the characters I needed except Maui! 
I went to 3 different stores to see if I could exchange it and nothing! Every store was sold out of that set. I couldn’t even get it online. I even had a friend in Australia who went to about 3 stores herself in search of Maui. Seriously I thought he was going to be the death of me. So I put a call out on Facebook in search of a Maui figurine. 

Thank goodness a friend had received the figurines with a storybook a while back and had Maui! Holy shitballs I was so relieved. 

The cake itself was two 8″ chocolate cakes. I baked those in a few days in advance and froze them. Putting it together was fairly simple. I made the sand by blitzing up some Krispies coconut biscuits. I sandwiched the two cakes together with a layer of buttercream icing inbetween. Then coloured icing some blue and green. I bought the chocolate wafer logs from the Asian grocer which formed the fence around the cake. Then it was time to ice it all. The hydrangea flowers were sugar flowers which I purchased from Cake Boss, I didn’t have moulds to make flowers like this and took the easy option and bought them. The grass was made using a piping nozzle specifically for that. 

The things we parents have to do! Anyway here is the finished cake. 

The food was pretty simple as well we served fresh fruit, popcorn, cocktail sausages, water as the drink and offcourse cake!

It was an amazing day, we were all singing to the Moana soundtrack and the kids had a blast. 

So if you are planning a Moana birthday party I hope you can find some inspiration from this post. 


Ronell x


3 thoughts on “It’s a Moana Party! 

  1. Hello! I’m in charge of decorating one table at my nephews rehersal dinner. Disney theme and I have Moana. I love the Tiki table decorations and looked up Look sharp and cannot find a store or website that would sells these. Do you mind sending me a link? Thank you for your help. Britton

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