The Bachelor NZ – My Take on it!

This is now the 3rd season of the bachelor that we have had here in NZ.  Season 1 set the bar pretty high, however, it seem’s since then standards have just gone down hill.  Art Green is still by far my fave bachelor.  When I say standards have dropped I’m mainly referring to the girls and possibly a bit with the main guy himself too just a little.

Watching the first episode was just cringe worthy!  Firstly it wasn’t even like a double episode or anything which was a let down.  The girls I must say are beautiful, but some of them, actually most of them come across as being very immature and not that bright either.  The way they were all chomping at the bit on the first episode about “interrupting” they were behaving like hyenas.  I was like, “calm the fuck down girls, and pull yourselves together”.  Who knows maybe being in a fish bowl situation it’s pushing them to act out of character. But geez!!!


Now the Bachelor himself, I think it’s great that they have found someone who is just a regular guy, he’s not a millionaire (not that there are many eligible one’s in NZ), he isn’t an entrepreneur who is going to then boost his business by being on the show and he isn’t a douche bag (aka Jordan season 2).  He’s just a good guy who is passionate about his job.  He come’s across as really down to earth and genuine but I must say I find him very awkward. Just odd thing’s like hand gestures and on the dates, it’s so obvious when he is going to give the girl a rose because you can see his arm just hanging down low and holding it in his hands.  Not smooth at all!  I just wish he was more of a manly man, if you know what I mean.  He come’s across as really shy and he may be different if it was outside of the show, I suppose when everything is produced and you’re told what to do etc, it is a bit unnatural.  Hopefully as the episodes go on he relaxes a bit more.

The girls should be told that one of The Bachelor 101’s of what not to do is, complain to the guy about how all the other girls are being catty and bitchy etc, it just’s makes you look like an idiot. Yes I’m talking about you Katey!  Grow up!!!

The date’s are painful to watch because they just seem so unnatural and rehearsed, and when he says, “he’s put together something special”, does he actually have a say in what the dates are or helps plan them, or is it all just organised and get’s told this is what you’re doing.

My favourites are Viarni & Bel, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Even though it is painful to watch, it’s one of those things that because it’s so bad you cant help but watch.

At the end of the day it’s not easy putting yourself out there and hat’s off to the girls.  Everyone will have their opinions good or bad, let’s just hope whoever end’s up at the end, they truly love each other and it last’s.

Ronell x

Secret Swimming Hole No More!

There isn’t a New Zealander that I know who doesn’t like a bit of adventure and anything that involves swimming.  So I thought I would share with you one of the “secret swimming holes” as listed on The Urban List many times that we frequently visit over summer.

Travel just 45 minutes north from Auckland towards Warkworth and you will come across the The Mahurangi Cement Works aka “Old Cement Works”.  But first, a little history lesson about the place.


The founder of New Zealand’s cement industry, Nathaniel Wilson (1836-1919), emigrated from Glasgow with his family when he was 6 years old. Nathaniel initially trained as a shoemaker, but in 1864 he purchased a small piece of land adjacent to his parents block south of Warkworth village.

Close by, John Southgate had been making lime since 1851 by burning local limestone in a kiln. With limestone deposits on his land Nathaniel decided to give it a go too, building his own lime kiln in 1866. With this he started manufacturing Roche lime, used in plaster and mortar.  After many experiments, by 1885 Nathaniel and his brothers, John and James, began trading as J Wilson and Company. Theirs was the first enterprise to commercially manufacture Portland cement in the Southern Hemisphere.

However, early production was challenging because of the variability of the local limestone. This was eventually overcome, with advice from Mr Pond, by adding pipi shells from the Mahurangi River, and later from Clevedon, to increase the lime content.

Although Wilson’s invested heavily in new machinery and processes, by 1918 the company was voluntarily wound up and amalgamated with the New Zealand Portland Cement Company, whose works were at Limestone Island. It was there that most of the cement was then produced, while the Mahurangi works focused on hydrated lime. By 1926 the closure of the works was imminent and machinery was transferred to Portland (near Whangarei) before the Mahurangi works were closed in 1929.  Source:  Google


There you go,  now history is not for everyone but places like this I love researching into what it was before and then looking at what’s left behind.

The swimming hole is filled naturally with fresh water. The surrounding edges of the swimming hole are lime stone so you will need to be careful as it is slippery.  It gets very deep very quickly, so if you are not a confident swimmer I would suggest taking a flotation device.


The water is pretty cold but perfect on a hot summer’s day.  At first it does look like something you would find in a horror movie, like something is lurking under the water (hope I didn’t scare you) but just jump in, I did!  The place does fill up with lots of other families so it pays to go a little early.  After enjoying a swim, walk around the grounds and have a look at the ruins of the cement works.  Some areas of the ruins are fenced off due to it being dangerous with falling rocks.   There are toilets on site and plenty of car parking space.



Hopefully you will visit this amazing place soon, and even if you don’t swim head on down and go for a wander around the grounds.


Ronell x

Clip n Climb – North Shore

Every parent knows this scenario well! It’s the weekend and is pissing down with rain, the kids are fighting with each other or bored or who knows what! We parents are thinking, “Please god save us!” 

Well we were saved this weekend that has just gone by. Auckland received one of its heaviest downpours, however we braced the weather and took the girls to the new Clip N Climb in Albany, North Shore. 

The set up was pretty amazing. At the entrance you will find a huge picture showing the height of some of the tallest mountains in the world. 

Once we entered the girls were quickly and efficiently harnessed up and were ready to go. But before climbing you are taken through a quick safety briefing which the guys make pretty fun for the kids. 

The girls got to climb for an hour. There were so many different walls for them to try out they loved it. We went to the first session in the morning so it was pretty empty however it does not take long to fill up. It’s also a very popular party destination. 

They did so well it took them a few times before they worked up the courage to go all the way to the top. I bet it isn’t easy either! I’m yet to give it a go myself! 

The girls cooled off afterwards with a well deserved ice cream! It’s fair to say we had a quiet afternoon as they were pretty tired from all the climbing. It’s a win win situation! 

If you would like more information about Clip n Climb check out their website here. 

Clip n Climb North Shore
Happy climbing! 

Ronell x