The Makeup Hot Seat Q & A Part 2

Continuing on from last week’s Q & A session, today I would like you to meet Asrin, she is a freelance NZ makeup artist based on the North Shore of Auckland.

I have fired off some questions to her and here are the answers!

  1. How did your love of makeup begin?

I was never allowed to wear makeup until I turned 19, and it really is true what they say – the more restricted you are from something the more you want to rebel! I always admired the makeup of the “pretty girls” at school and also my small circle of friends, who were and still are very talented with makeup. I began with threading my eyebrows and wearing mascara, from then on I experimented with more products and looks until I got to the stage where I basically wore a full face of makeup everyday! From here on, I did makeup for many friends and colleagues – so much fun working different looks and different faces!

I say this often, my makeup routine in getting ready is quite seldom more enjoyable than the event I am getting ready for – I guess that says a lot about my love for makeup. However, nothing makes me happier than the reactions and gratitude I get from my clients and quite often their families too – it’s pretty special and keeps me super passionate about my makeup career. 

2. How important is a good skin care routine?  And what is yours?

Makeup takes it toll on the skin, especially with different skin types and sensitivities so the importance of skin care can’t be stressed enough. I like to keep it simple – cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise! 

3. What is your favourite go to makeup product?

This is probably the most difficult question for a makeup addict to answer! The most important features on the face for me are the eyes & eyebrows so my favourite product would have to be Anastasia Beverly Hills brow dip pomade. 

4. Can you share any tips for beginners that are getting into makeup (like myself)?

Number one and up most important – take care of your skin! Never go to bed with makeup on and moisturise at least 1-2 times a day. Don’t try to look like anyone else, find the features of your face that you love and use makeup to enhance them, not change them.

Experiment with cheaper products until you feel confident and comfortable and then try the more expensive products. Makeup is not a cheap hobby! Always start light, you can always add more if you want a more dramatic look but it’s harder to go the other way. 

Keep it simple, don’t let complicated tutorials put you off trying new things but always remember that what suits you best is what you feel most comfortable in. 

5. I’m a busy mum like many others, who are short on time, what’s a quick makeup look that we can throw together?

Everyone is different when it comes to makeup they can’t do without. For some, it’s lipstick, for others it’s concealer. Start of with these products and then depending on how much time you have, add something that compliments it. For example, if you’ve put on a full face of foundation but don’t have time to contour, add a bit of your favourite blush.

My favourite “quick fix” makeup look includes primer, foundation, blush, brow dip, mascara and lipstick. 

6. As each year passes, makeup trends come and go, what trend do you think might stick around for a bit?

Contouring, winged eyeliner & thick eyebrows – no doubt. 

7. What’s your makeup pet peeve?

Getting my winged eyeliner on both eyes to match perfectly!

8. Lastly, what’s your favourite makeup decade?

The 1950’s Marilyn Monroe era – cat eyes, winged eyeliner & red lipstick – absolutely love this look and it will probably never go out of fashion. 

Thank you Asrin x

You can find the link to Asrin’s social media page’s here:

Facebook – Asrin Hussein Makeup Artist

Instagram –

Hope you enjoyed this Q & A series!

Ronell x


The Makeup Hot Seat Q & A

Today I would like you to meet Julie from Julie Bres Makeup.  Julie is one of our talented New Zealand makeup artists who has been working in the industry for over 10 years now. She does a lot of work with film/TV, fashion shows, as well as many beautiful brides.

So I fired a few questions to Julie in regards to makeup and here is what she has to say!  I should say it’s good to see her Irish humor coming through in the answers!

  1. How did your love of makeup begin?

My 1st memory of loving makeup was when I was 6, my mum got a free lipstick with a magazine that she bought and she let me keep it.  I wore it on my lips, eyes and even blended it into my cheeks and even my cat got some of it to glam her up!

My mum didn’t like makeup nor have much make up at all.  So when she would go for dinner or a night out with my dad I would insist on “doing her up” with her bare essential make up bits and pieces.  By the time I was 9 she never did her own makeup – it was always my job on a Saturday evening to get her looking lovely. That feeling of making someone else feel beautiful just with a few flicks of mascara or lippy got me hooked.

2. How important is a good skin care routine?  And what is yours?

If you feel like your skin is glowing, you don’t feel like you need much else, right? So yes, skin care goes hand in hand with makeup.  I cannot tell you how many people I’ve put make up on whether it’s a wedding, a tv show or a fashion shoot and they’ve come to me with dry or oily or irritates skin that they havent dealt with and an hour alter its flaking off and looking a bit sad for everyone.

The makeup products sit better on healthier skin, and last longer throughout the day.  Just plain and simple.  I don’t go overboard – cleansing wipes are a godsend (thank you super genius whoever invented them) or a gentle cleanser; Micellar water is wonderful and a nice toner before bed time sets us up well for the next day.

I love the Trilogy range, it’s a kiwi brand, I trust it on myself and use it in my main kit for my clients too.  I also use it a lot on talent on set and it has something for every skin type with a price tag to suit every budget.  In NZ a high SPF in your daytime moisturiser really is necessary on ALL skin types – not just pasty Irish folk like me.

So I’m never ever with out at least a SPF 30 on my face, winter, summer or indoors!  Aircon dries you out.  Neutrogena, Dermalogica and Arbonne have great new lotions and potions for skin aswell which I’ve just bought and haven’t had the time to use properly.

This summer I’m being ardent in keeping my breakouts to a minimum by looking after my skin better.  We all fall asleep sometimes with our makeup still on – it’s not laziness it’s just busy-ness, but I’ve left my new facial wipes by my bed and it’s working.  I’m using them!

3. What is your favourite go to makeup product?

Can’t go wrong with a decent lip balm.  Whether it’s Carmes, Blistex, Vaseline or a tinted Chapstik…fresh healthy lips look just great.

4. Can you share any tips for beginners that are getting into makeup (like myself)?

Don’t get conned into buying super expensive makeup that is a flash in a pan. Avoid YouTube tutorials!!! Pleeeease! If it’s a dress up party and helps you achieve a Cleopatra look, well that’s great!

But seriously…steer clear of 97% of them – unless it’s a blogger who is YOUR age and your cup of tea.  They are the bain of a makeup artists life, yes they can make themselves look like a Kardashian but have they worked on anyone else but themselves and have they walked around in that look from 8:30am until 5:30pm? I doubt it!!!

Avoid drawing comparisons with your look to anyone else.  “Be yourself…everyone else is taken” (best quote ever by Oscar Wilde).

5. I’m a busy mum like many others, who are short on time, what’s a quick makeup look that we can throw together?

My golden trick is – A good dash of tinted moisturiser (with SPF!!) a nice flick of mascara and a touch of lippy; be it just a lip balm or a nice strong colour.  That should take about 90 seconds.

BUT…If you have a rare 3-4 minutes to get ready you could add a swish of blush or bronzer across your cheek apples and temples, a warm sliver of eyeshadow across the lid followed by a quick brown/black/grey liner in the outer eye line going slightly into your lower lash line (crescent moon shape) for a nice hint of definition and then race out the door!

6. As each year passes, makeup trends come and go, what trend do you think might stick around for a bit?

I think a bold lip has always been a makeup look that’s persevered throughout the ages.  In the 1920’s there was the partly blocked out edges of the biba look, and the 1950’s  brought round the stunning red lip of the Hollywood starlets which still endures to this day. I love how lots of folks are experimenting with strong, bright and even ombre (blended) colours on the lips.

7. What’s your makeup pet peeve?

Foundation that clearly DOES NOT match/suit the person’s skin tone that stops at the jaw line! Eeeek!

Nothing wrong with looking paler/more tanned than your natural self at all.  But blend…blend….then BLEND some more!

Makeup on-screen certainly doesn’t end at the jaw line, its brought right down the neck, often slightly into the hairline or behind the ears depending on the character/models outfit.

8. Lastly, what’s your favourite makeup decade?

For me, it’s probably the 1960’s, the thick kohl eyeliner was becoming a daily staple and women were becoming more daring with their sense of style, adding pale lips and beauty marks to set them apart from their perhaps slightly plainer (sorry!) mothers of the 1930/1940’s.

Thank you Julie x

You can find the link to Julie’s Facebook page here:  Julie Bres Makeup

Hope you enjoyed this Q & A series, I will have another artist share her thoughts next week!

Ronell x

Charcoal Face Mask’s

Lately I have read about charcoal face masks.  They seem to be popping up everywhere! Since my face mask had finished I jumped on the charcoal bandwagon and bought some. Now there are loads of different brands offering face masks, it just depends on your budget, in saying that please don’t go and grab some from the bag you use for your bbq/braai.  The charcoal that get’s put into beauty products is activated charcoal.

What is activated charcoal I hear you ask?  Well, it’s charcoal that has been heated then powdered.  By heating the charcoal it increases it’s absorbtive power.  Which makes it perfect for drawing out all the toxins and impurities in your skin.


We have been recently renovating our bedroom which means lots of sanding (which equals a lot of dust) and painting.  I could feel my skin become gritty and it didn’t feel great.  I knew it must be absorbing a whole lot of nasties.  So today I went out and bought the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask from  The Body Shop.

This mask has been inspired by Ayurvedic traditions, the tingling mud mask contains powerful bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills, active exfoliating green tea leaves from Japan, which is rich in antioxidants and Community trade tea tree oil from Kenya, known to help keep skin clearer looking.

I am really looking forward to giving my skin a good detox after using this! If you have used this mask I would love to hear your experience.

Ronell x

A Treasure Trove in Birkenhead

Some people know about this store and have seen it, but have you gone inside?  Well it sure is a treat!  The Clothing Collective is not just a shop selling pre loved fashion, with a no-waste, community-driven philosophy, as well as 50% of profits going directly to the Mental Health Foundation, they sure are creating a new clothing movement.

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Beautiful vintage wedding gowns
The shop has such a great vibe about it, with its vintage look, I could spend most of the day here just looking through it all.

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Love the styling

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Plenty of shoes too if you are looking for some!
The clothes here are really good quality as well.  If you have any pre loved fashion that you no longer need I would suggest donating it to this store and whilst you are there wonder around.

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I love this setting, perfect for a vintage wedding

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Fairy lights always add a touch of magic
I managed to find the cutest dress, perfect for when the weather gets warmer and I got the tick of approval from both girls, and a bargain $21!  It has the cutest print, I cant wait to wear this.  I tried on a beautiful Witchery jacket as well however me being on the short side the sleeves were a bit too long for me so I had to sadly leave that behind.


So head on down and join the movement! I spoke to Louise Clarke (the owner) briefly today, and she would love more people to come on over and take a peak. With summer just around the corner now is a good time to clear out your wardrobes and donate your preloved clothes. 

You can find more information about the store on their website here or their Facebook page The Clothing Collective.

Happy shopping.

Ronell x


Mascara – You can never have too many!

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My current collection!
Right ladies, I need some help with mascara’s.  I don’t usually wear a lot of make up during the week as I’m always rushing out the door. But I find just some powder, lippy and good mascara is all I need. Now I know most women have at least two as a minimum, and let’s face it, we don’t really get rid of mascara as often as we should.  I for one, have had some of these for years which only after today whilst doing some research realised how bad that is. But surely I’m not the only one right that keep them forever?
So I found out today that most mascara’s have a use by date, so to speak once opened of about 6 months!  I had NO idea.


That little picture I’m pointing to that has 6M on the bottom of the mascara, show’s you the use by date.  For those that didn’t know, go on then I know you want to, go and get your mascara and have a look!! My Maybelline masacara’s don’t have this symbol on the bottom, just my Benefit and Smashbox one.  But I’m just gonna go with 6 months for all now.  Which means, I need to throw all out except for the The Falsies. You learn something new everyday!

Naturally I have long eyelashes so have really struggled with finding the right mascara for them.  The one’s that I currently have are okay but I wouldn’t say they are the greatest for my lashes.  They still clump up and look messy. It’s either the product, user error or I have very unruly eyelashes. At least they don’t smudge though. I have tried in the past a Loreal mascara which had some black fibres on them but what I found was after a while these fibres seem to fall and settle like dust under my eye, not a good look!

I have heard of Revitalash Mascara and primer but I haven’t tried it, if you have, please let me know if it is good.  I have also read loads about Lash Noir but I really cannot afford that! But would still like to hear if you really think it’s worth it.

So if there are any mascara’s that you swear by please let me know!

Ronell x




Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer


We own a Dyson vacuum cleaner and I know that anything Dyson creates is just bloody amazing and stands the test of time. So when I saw this I was over the moon until I did a bit more research and found the cost.  I feel like I need to sing Jesse J’s song Pricetag right about now.

Things you should know about this new hairdryer that will be hitting the shores of New Zealand in 2017.

  • Price tag – ok guys I would suggest you sit down for this, because it will knock your socks off, this hairdryer is going to retail for about $700 WTF!!!! The things I can do for that amount of money. I guess I’m not Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Hawkins!
  • It’s meant to be a much quieter hairdryer and dries your hair much quicker than your average hairdryer
  • It has a thermostat that measures the temperature 20 times per second reducing heat damage
  • The motor is in the handle and the accessories i.e nozzles are magnetic
  • It’s meant to last at least 10 years (wonder if I can use that as a selling point to the husband?…mmm…probably not!)

This hairdryer will be unbelievable but really there is no way I can afford this. However if there are demos at stores I will be going in with freshly washed hair to “try” it out 😆