The Makeup Hot Seat Q & A Part 2

Continuing on from last week’s Q & A session, today I would like you to meet Asrin, she is a freelance NZ makeup artist based on the North Shore of Auckland.

I have fired off some questions to her and here are the answers!

  1. How did your love of makeup begin?

I was never allowed to wear makeup until I turned 19, and it really is true what they say – the more restricted you are from something the more you want to rebel! I always admired the makeup of the “pretty girls” at school and also my small circle of friends, who were and still are very talented with makeup. I began with threading my eyebrows and wearing mascara, from then on I experimented with more products and looks until I got to the stage where I basically wore a full face of makeup everyday! From here on, I did makeup for many friends and colleagues – so much fun working different looks and different faces!

I say this often, my makeup routine in getting ready is quite seldom more enjoyable than the event I am getting ready for – I guess that says a lot about my love for makeup. However, nothing makes me happier than the reactions and gratitude I get from my clients and quite often their families too – it’s pretty special and keeps me super passionate about my makeup career. 

2. How important is a good skin care routine?  And what is yours?

Makeup takes it toll on the skin, especially with different skin types and sensitivities so the importance of skin care can’t be stressed enough. I like to keep it simple – cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise! 

3. What is your favourite go to makeup product?

This is probably the most difficult question for a makeup addict to answer! The most important features on the face for me are the eyes & eyebrows so my favourite product would have to be Anastasia Beverly Hills brow dip pomade. 

4. Can you share any tips for beginners that are getting into makeup (like myself)?

Number one and up most important – take care of your skin! Never go to bed with makeup on and moisturise at least 1-2 times a day. Don’t try to look like anyone else, find the features of your face that you love and use makeup to enhance them, not change them.

Experiment with cheaper products until you feel confident and comfortable and then try the more expensive products. Makeup is not a cheap hobby! Always start light, you can always add more if you want a more dramatic look but it’s harder to go the other way. 

Keep it simple, don’t let complicated tutorials put you off trying new things but always remember that what suits you best is what you feel most comfortable in. 

5. I’m a busy mum like many others, who are short on time, what’s a quick makeup look that we can throw together?

Everyone is different when it comes to makeup they can’t do without. For some, it’s lipstick, for others it’s concealer. Start of with these products and then depending on how much time you have, add something that compliments it. For example, if you’ve put on a full face of foundation but don’t have time to contour, add a bit of your favourite blush.

My favourite “quick fix” makeup look includes primer, foundation, blush, brow dip, mascara and lipstick. 

6. As each year passes, makeup trends come and go, what trend do you think might stick around for a bit?

Contouring, winged eyeliner & thick eyebrows – no doubt. 

7. What’s your makeup pet peeve?

Getting my winged eyeliner on both eyes to match perfectly!

8. Lastly, what’s your favourite makeup decade?

The 1950’s Marilyn Monroe era – cat eyes, winged eyeliner & red lipstick – absolutely love this look and it will probably never go out of fashion. 

Thank you Asrin x

You can find the link to Asrin’s social media page’s here:

Facebook – Asrin Hussein Makeup Artist

Instagram –

Hope you enjoyed this Q & A series!

Ronell x


Stepping out in Waihi Beach

Soaking up the sun and sand at Waihi Beach seems so long ago now, when we are stuck with rain and gloomy skies here in Auckland.  So it’s the perfect time to look back and reminisce on our time in Waihi Beach.  I love holidaying in new places each time, as it gives us the opportunity to explore another part of our beautiful country.

It was the first time that my family and I have visited Waihi Beach and I was completely blown away.  The array of shops and cafes, were endless, and really good variety.  The sun was out and holiday makers everywhere walking the main street stopping at shops and cafes and enjoying the sunshine.  I will take you through some of the lovely shop’s and cafes that we have visited whilst down there.

The first store we looked at was Shipshape it is a great boutique store in the heart of Waihi beach village.  They sell beautiful clothing and Balinese designer homeware’s.  I couldn’t get photos of inside the store purely because it was so busy with customers!  That’s a good sign right!



To the side of this store you can make your way through to The Secret Garden, which is set amongst lush tropical plants, and they have beautiful authentic Balinese seating areas for you to relax in, enjoy a cup of coffee from The Pod, which serves amazing coffee’s and chai lattes and their food is top-notch, with healthy salads on offer and raw delights.  The Secret Garden also has live music playing which really gives the atmosphere something special.  You can still do a bit of shopping here too, there is a little pottery shop and art space where you can pick up some great original paintings.

It was a great to take some time out with the kids and sit back and relax for a bit, before we hit the shops again!

We stopped at Molly’s at the Beach next.  Again, another great store where you can find some pretty good pieces including swimwear.

Further along the road you will come across The French Shop or Au bord de la mer: The French Shop At The Seaside. Here you will find amazing french inspired homeware. I could have spent a long time in this shop just looking around but the kids were standing with their faces pressed to the window, not impressed how long I was taking!

Another great shop that we found which was tucked away in the back behind a lot of the shops was called Inside Out.  You had to walk along a driveway to get to it.  This shop was my kinda shop too, they had modern gifts and plants for inside and out!  If you know me well, you would know I love plants!


Last but not least was another homeware store called Sunday.  It had some fabulous modern pieces in there, I was eyeing up a few things!  By this stage though the family had left me and started making their way to the car, that was a signal for me to hurry up!


We are on to the good stuff now FOOD!!  You guys know I love food, from preparing it (most of the time) to eating it (all the time).  Food brings people together, and I love a place where you can get sit back relax and enjoy good food.  On the second night of our stay in Athenree, we knew the All Blacks rugby game against Australia was on, so we needed to find somewhere with a big screen TV and food.  The campground had a big TV but not a lot of room for everyone, and we didn’t really want to cook that night. So we headed to the Waihi Beach RSA, no better place, except everyone had the same idea as us!  The place was packed, and I have to say the food was really good too, we enjoyed our time there, great atmosphere and views looking out over Waihi Beach.

If you are looking for a great spot for lunch then look no further than the Flatwhite. The restaurant is situated right on the beach, it has the perfect location, where you can grab a bite to eat then head on down to the beach!  The kids meals were pretty decent sizes too which is great when you get value for money.   I had the smashed avocado, poached egg with rye toast and a side of bacon (which I must admit I found paying $5 for two pieces of bacon pretty expensive), Adam had the creamy mushrooms on toast.

A visit to the beach would not be complete without an ice cream, and what better place than to stop at the Waihi Beach Hotel.  The ice creams here are incredible, I had the coconut ice cream and Adam had the berry yoghurt scoop, he was not too keen on sharing a cone!


Waihi Beach is by far one of my favourite town’s and we will definitely visit here often.  We absolutely loved our Labour Weekend camping trip, and this is what a great holiday is all about, good food, good company and good times.

Ronell x

The Unsupported Boob

How many of us can truly say we love shopping for new bras? Unless you a Victoria Secrets model then maybe.  I often hear people talk about how after they have children their tummies and hips will never be the same, or about the stretch marks that we now have for life, but what about our BOOBS?? Oh these poor things take a hammering!

I’m writing about this because you see my sports bra and I have an odd relationship but before I get to that, let’s talk about what our boobs experience during pregnancy and after. I have always had slightly larger boobs pre pregnancy and they were the perfect size and shape too.  Then I fell pregnant and they started to expand. Now at this stage, we all love this new feature of pregnancy, walking around like we just had a boob job, loud and proud! Then the baby arrives and yes they are finally put too good use and serves it’s purpose to feed!  Unfortunately for me, this didn’t happen and I couldn’t breastfeed my girls.  So then they fill up and it’s like you are walking around with rocks on your chest…oh the pain…even worse, some ladies end up with really bad mastitis.

Once the milk is gone and they are back to being just your boobs (no husband’s they don’t belong to you) you take a good look at them and then shock horror!!!  It’s like looking at two socks that have tennis balls in each one hanging quite low!  So now I have one boob that is slightly bigger than the other, is it just me or does this happen to every women, where one side is larger than the other? Also gravity is not helping the situation. I said to my husband, if we ever win the Lotto, I am going for a breast lift and reduction!  Big breasts are not all what they are cut out to be I would much prefer smaller size boobs that stay up in my opinion.

I recently got fitted for some new bra’s at Bendon and managed to buy three but really only rotate two which are more t-shirt bra’s just plain in beige and black (I may need to get me some sexy looking ones in colour I think), I’m sure everyone has their favourites that they use all the time! Also I bloody hate bra fittings, in all honesty it doesn’t take long or anything I just don’t like it! Now let’s get to the sports bra!


This year I started running again and I had this sports bra on (above photo) which I bought from Rebel and didn’t get fitted just bought my usual size, as you can see, one side the fit is a fuller fit and it fills out the cup more (thanks to odd sized boobs).  So here I am running past some shops on my morning run and I decided to have a look at my reflection on the shop windows (as you do), well let me tell you, I never put on a jacket so fast in my life, these things were freaking bouncing all over the place like no ones business!! It was so hot and here I was running with a rain jacket on with my arms really close to my chest so to cushion the bounce…..I’ll just let you think about what that looks like for a bit……it doesn’t look good!

So the next time I tightened the bra strap’s, another thing that always seems to slowly slip each time I exercise oh and I kept my jacket on this time!  Running along the main road and all of a sudden I feel a sharp poke in my boob, off course I couldn’t stop and put my hand down my shirt, in front of all the peak hour commuters, no,  I made it home and what did I find!  One of the underwire had completely snapped in half and was trying to deflate my breast!  This is the 3rd time this has happened where the wire on one side snaps, I found this with my previous sports bras too.  My boobs must be far to heavy and all that bouncing sure isn’t helping, so I continued to use a one wired sports bra that did nothing for me for a little while longer.  However now, I think though it’s time I go shopping for a new one, I just wish they weren’t so expensive!  How many of you actually get fitted for a sports bra?  Also with sports bra’s do you usually have to go a cup size or two smaller so they squish them in nice and tight eliminating bounce?

A recent article in the NZ Herald called The underwear mistakes we’re all making cover’s a few things that women are doing wrong when buying bras! So have a read through that and see if any applies to you.

But for now this bra is going in the bin, an it’s time I get a new one!  Much to my boob’s delight!

Ronell x

A Treasure Trove in Birkenhead

Some people know about this store and have seen it, but have you gone inside?  Well it sure is a treat!  The Clothing Collective is not just a shop selling pre loved fashion, with a no-waste, community-driven philosophy, as well as 50% of profits going directly to the Mental Health Foundation, they sure are creating a new clothing movement.

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Beautiful vintage wedding gowns
The shop has such a great vibe about it, with its vintage look, I could spend most of the day here just looking through it all.

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Love the styling

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Plenty of shoes too if you are looking for some!
The clothes here are really good quality as well.  If you have any pre loved fashion that you no longer need I would suggest donating it to this store and whilst you are there wonder around.

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I love this setting, perfect for a vintage wedding

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Fairy lights always add a touch of magic
I managed to find the cutest dress, perfect for when the weather gets warmer and I got the tick of approval from both girls, and a bargain $21!  It has the cutest print, I cant wait to wear this.  I tried on a beautiful Witchery jacket as well however me being on the short side the sleeves were a bit too long for me so I had to sadly leave that behind.


So head on down and join the movement! I spoke to Louise Clarke (the owner) briefly today, and she would love more people to come on over and take a peak. With summer just around the corner now is a good time to clear out your wardrobes and donate your preloved clothes. 

You can find more information about the store on their website here or their Facebook page The Clothing Collective.

Happy shopping.

Ronell x