Book Review – Secrets of a Happy Marriage by Cathy Kelly

cath kelly

So I have finally finished reading this book.  When I first started reading this book it was slow to get into, I could leave it for a few days and not miss it. But once I got a bit further in, then I really started to enjoy it a bit more.

The story revolves around one family and trickles it’s way down the family tree.  It all starts with the Brannigan siblings. Edward being the eldest and richest.  Mick who’s married to Nora who are just perfect together,  then there is Kit and his wife Helen, who throughout the book feels hard done by as she married the brother who didn’t have all the riches. Lastly their sister who ran away when she was much younger.  The book looks at each of their marriages and that of their children’s marriages.

Edward’s wife has passed away and he has remarried Bess,  unveiling how his children react to this, especially his daughter JoJo, who is also going through her own struggles with IVF.  This then touches on her marriage and how much stress they are both under.  But also it looks at the relationship between Bess and her daughter over the years.

Mick and Nora, who have an amazing marriage, their daughter Cara was dumped at the altar.  So for their family it’s about Cara picking up the pieces and moving on from that.

Kit and Helen, well Helen, is just unhappy and wants to live like her older brother-in-law, even though this is costing them financially.  Ah Helen, it’s not a good idea to compare yourselves to others and try to be like them!  They have two daughters who are single and really just happy to mingle!

Obviously a big birthday celebration is just what is needed to “force” everyone together where there are a few surprises in store.

Here are a couple great quotes from the book!

Happy reading!

Ronell x

Book Review – Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty

I have read a few of Liane Moriarty’s books so when her new book came out I was pretty stoked. 

The book is centred around an accident that occurred at a BBQ with some neighbours. You had to read at least over 50% of the book to actually get to what the accident was about. So the whole time reading you learnt about the days leading up to the BBQ the days after the BBQ and the day of the BBQ but geez Louise they just went around and around in circles and I found myself thinking just hurry up what happened that’s so bad!!

Well finally we get to what happened and yes it’s not something anyone would want to go though but it only has a small part in the book the actual scene! The book then focuses on the repercussions that this accident had on everyone. 

In my option I found the rest of the story pretty underwhelming and wasn’t impressed with this book compared to her other ones. 

Ronell x