Halloween – Trick or Treat?

Oh Halloween is almost upon us, yes the shops and malls have gone crazy with all their Halloween decorations out in full force!  Have you ever wondered why exactly are we all dressing up for and decorating our houses?


Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts who come out the night before All Saints Day (1st of November).  The reason why we all dress up is because the Celts wore ghoulish costumes so that wandering spirits would mistake them for one of their own and leave them alone. Others offered sweets to the spirits to appease them. I believe some cultures also celebrate Day of the Dead on the 31 October, remembering loved ones that have passed.

So there you go, whether you believe in it or not that’s another story.  I for one had no idea what Halloween was all about until I dug a little.  I can’t remember doing much for Halloween growing up, but gosh once you have your own children, every celebration or day is amplified and we get caught up in it.

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Halloween Masks

For my girls, it’s all about how much lollies they can collect!  Last year I didn’t buy any costumes, just these masks for them which they loved and I kinda left it a bit late to get with the program, so this was all that was left in the shops!  We didn’t decorate the house, plenty of natural spider webs around the place to give it an authentic look!  Actually I might still have those up from last year!

There are a lot of parents that are totally against Halloween and going around with their kids to collect lollies for a number or reasons, like what is this teaching our kids, taking candy from a stranger, giving into commercialisation of celebrations, lollies are bad for you, or just adding another thing to the already very long list of things to remember!  I know it’s also against some religions to celebrate this too. Everyone has their reasons.  Are we being to PC though?  What’s the harm and it’s all just a little fun right?

We have been caught short one year, I decided we are not doing anything for Halloween, I didn’t even get lollies for kids that would knock on our doors, so I went out to do my shopping and on my way back home, I looked around my neighbourhood and smiled as the streets were filled with kids and their parents walking around in their dress ups, everyone smiling and laughing (and me thinking fuck, I didn’t get my kids to do anything), so I turn into my street and I see a whole bunch of kids walking up towards our house!!!  Holy shit, I got out of the car and ran so fast, screamed for my husband to find every damn lolly in the house that he could or else it was pretend we were not home!  Luckily we had loads of jelly beans for some reason stashed away in the pantry!

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Ghost Cookies

One year I was so into it, I even made these ghost cookies!  Look at that, who said I never got into things!  This year I plan to leave a little note in our streets letter boxes accompanied with an orange balloon, and if the neighbours are going to participate in Halloween and have lollies to hand out, then tie the balloon to your letterbox!  That way those who don’t want to get a knock on their door wont!  You can even get a picture of a pumpkin and stick on it too.

There are lot’s of other alternatives to this, many local churches hold light parties so the kids can still go and have some fun and eat a bit of lollies.  You could leave a cauldron/box of treats outside your door so kids can help themselves or lastly, shut the doors and blinds turn the TV to mute when anyone approaches and pretend you are not home!

Happy Halloween Folks!

Ronell x