Camping Diaries – Cooks Beach Resort – Mercury Bay

As each long weekend and holiday approaches the task of finding a new campground to stay at begins.  It’s not an easy task because we look at everything when booking somewhere, the area, what’s on locally, location, reviews from other travellers, etc We like going to different campgrounds each time as I think that’s the best way to see the country.  We settled for the Cooks Beach resort a couple of years ago over the Easter Period.  The drive down wasn’t too painful with the kids, and we got there nice and early.  Due to no one staying in our site the night before we managed to check in early, usually check in times at most holiday parks are after lunch.


It didn’t take us long to set up, we were kinda getting used to it by now, there were still a few not so nice words exchanged during this time.  The sites were nice and big with loads of space for us to even park our car on it.  This holiday park is on the slightly more expensive side of things but you can see why, the facilities are top-notch.  You can click here to read about some of their facilities they have on offer, like free showers!  I like places that have free showers.  The bathroom facilities where fantastic, super clean and the shower cubicles where big enough to fit my two girls and I in it.


Another fantastic feature is the kitchen!  Look at all that stainless steel!  There was just so much space to cook and plenty of communal fridges to store all your cold stuff in.  The only thing I would say was that the bins needed to be emptied a bit more often, during the busy periods these can fill up pretty quick in here.


The pool area is fantastic with an adults pool, toddler pool and a spa pool.  The pools are solar heated but they were still a bit too cold for me.  Adam and the girls didn’t seem to mind so much, and we spent hours in this area.  It’s very pretty at night with coloured lights that come on all over the place.


The kids playground was another popular area, however, I felt it was more suited to older kids, Chloe needed a lot of help with most of the playground.  I like the kinda playground where I can watch from a camp chair with a coffee in hand!


The campground is nicely spread out with nice areas for the kids to scoot or bike around.  We always take the girls bikes, and they love exploring around the place.


I mean look at these excited faces!  I didn’t even tell them to say “cheese”!

Nearby at one end of the bay is a beautiful lagoon down Captain Cooks Road, this is where most of the Cathedral Cove boat tours leave from.  It was great for the girls to paddle in a little, but we were not really dressed for swimming. Lots of grassy areas for picnics too.


Here are the girls and I….hooray I’m in a photo!  Usually I find most mums are behind the camera!  I have no idea why I was wearing gumboots at that particular time, it certainly was not gumboot wearing weather!  On that point, always pack gumboots when camping, you just never know when you need it!


One thing to note is the ants!!!!  If you know me well, you will know ants give me the heebie geebies!  Every day I noticed there seemed to be a few ants inside our tent, and they were not your small tiny ants these were fat black ones.  When it was time to pack up and head back home well, guess what we discovered?  Once the tent was pulled down and moved off the site, there were so many big ant hills under our tent…omg I feel like scratching my skin right about now!! They were not there when we arrived to our site but obviously came up during our stay.  Some people may not worry too much about this but thought I would mention it anyway.

Overall, a great holiday park, with good facilities.  If you would like to know more about the park click here.

Happy Camping!

Ronell x