I’m No Mathematician

Since when did math’s homework in primary school become so hard!!!  It’s my daughters last year in primary school which is called Year 6 here in New Zealand.

At the start of this year I have bought both girls a Math’s workbook each for us to do together during the year.  Just one page a day, to help them keep on top of maths so that they don’t fall behind.  I know maths is a subject that many kids dislike therefore, I want them to have the knowledge and confidence in it so from the get go it’s not a subject they end up hating.

But I tell you what, some of the things they learn at school now at primary school level, I’m sure we never learnt that, it just seems so much more complicated.  My daughter works on a online maths program where the kids get given tasks that they have to complete, and from time to time, she will ask us for a bit of help, this is when I run to my room very quickly and google the answer and then come back and explain it all, off course not giving away my source.

What happened to the good old fashion way that we used to do it (as per the photo example) ?


Now day’s holy shit they break the number up into so many parts and make it this long ended way of calculating it, confusing the hell out of everyone, no wonder the kids feel helpless, because I sure as hell do!

So if my kids ever end up getting a maths tutor I too will be taking lessons!!!

Ronell x