Schools & No Parking Zones

I’m sure there are many schools here in New Zealand that probably face this issue on a daily basis, I know for sure here on the North Shore it is quite a common problem.  We have parents/caregivers every day parking in areas that are clearly marked “No Parking”, but they still feel the need to park there.  Whenever I speak to parents I always hear, “oh maybe they are foreign and don’t understand”, this could be the case maybe for some, but if you are told then learn from it, don’t be a repeat offender.

We have had the council parking wardens who come to our school from time to time and issue tickets, but from what I am told they can’t come everyday because they have to go to so many schools.  I reckon the council need’s to give me one of those ticket machines, and just watch me hand those tickets out.  We have many incidents where parent’s are told to drive along, and not only do they become abusive to the other parent but on occasions to the teacher on duty.  Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people?  Last term I rang and complained to the council advising them we need more wardens more regularly as people are just not listening.


The signs are clearly not that hard to read, surely?  Another area, being the drop off zone is a problem, some parents obviously don’t know time, 2 mins is not 10 mins!!!  Drop and go people, if not drive further down and park!


So here is my letter to the “Ignorant Parent”….

Dear Ignorant Parent, 

I have two very precious girls aged 5 & 10, who walk to school everyday and love it.  They want to be independent like big girls and walk by themselves without me.  But you see, every time they leave home, my heart goes with them.  You are probably wondering why, well I have seen you “the ignorant parent” at school drop off’s and pick up’s doing 3 point turns and U turns into private driveways across the footpaths that my girls walk on.  There have been so many incidents were kids were almost run over.  I as a parent would hate to get a call to say my child has been in an accident, nor would you want to get that same call about your child.  We all want our kids to be safe, and being part of a close-knit community (as many are), we should all be looking out for each others children and protecting them, not endangering them because you are too lazy to get off your arse and walk a few extra metres to the school gates.

Do you think the rules don’t apply to you?  Are you above the rules and better than the rest of us? Well here’s the thing YOU ARE NOT!!!  My oldest daughter has just begun her duty as a road patroller, which is a big deal for the kids and quite nerve wrecking too, and when you park in areas that is clearly No Parking, the kids can’t see past the blind corner, so how are they to safely help hundred’s of kids cross the road?

So the next time you decide to illegally park or do dangerous turns, think about your own child for a second and then maybe the rest of our children will be safe!  Just remember, we will all be watching you!

If there is a school somewhere that you know of or your kid’s school and they have this problem under control please share this with me as I would love to learn about way’s that we can overcome this issue.

Ronell x