A Dessert Lovers Dream

Everyone knows I love dessert’s from baking it to eating it.  I am so bummed out that I missed out on a dessert degustation tour which was earlier this month.

I always noticed these dessert’s that were featured on the The Urban List especially the Bomb Alaska gelato on a stick!!!  I made it a mission to find out exactly where I could find this incredible dessert, well look no further because I have found it.

You can find this mind-blowing dessert at Milse! They have an array of other sweet treats to choose from.  So back to the Bomb Alaska, the flavour of the day was Apple & Vanilla Bean.  Each Bomb Alaska stick had an apple sorbet and vanilla bean gelato which is frozen, then dipped into white chocolate, then frozen again and finally covered in an Italian meringue and blow torched.  At $8 each it was well worth it!

Milse is Auckland only original dessert restaurant and patisserie.  The only negative I would say, and yes it is a negative (but luckily not to do with the desserts) is the layout of the place.  You enter down a very narrow walkway and the dessert is lined up against the one side.  Once people come in behind you it’s very hard to move back and forth, and I can never instantly decide what I want and usually need to have a look a couple of times. I guess they had to work with the space that they had, oh well!

I highly recommend if you are in Britomart to head on over.