Social Media Detox

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now and I’m not sure what has held me back but I am doing it now.  The whole thing might sound like I am just having a big rant and maybe I am.  I signed up to Facebook many years ago whilst living in Australia, and for me it was a great way to stay connected to my family and friends back home in South Africa.  However, over the years how we use social media has completely changed and I’m at the point where I am kinda getting over it.  To me it seems like now you have to disconnect to actually connect with people.  Make real connections.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, you name it, it all just seems to have become a bit competitive.  At one stage I too was a social media addict and posted photos of everything and anything, like seriously who cares what I eat for dinner not many people to be honest.  I eat food just like everyone else.

People just seem so superficial now and that’s just my opinion, you can choose to agree or disagree that’s your choice.  When people post stuff now,  I don’t even know if it’s real, or is it just there so everyone else can think that their lives are just so amazing and awesome, compared to everyone else’s normal lives.  I think it has become a platform for people to show off a bit, look at my kids dressed in “Country Road” clothes or whatever designer wear, seriously I dress my kids in Warehouse, Kmart or Cotton on and even hand me downs, really whats the point dressing them up in expensive stuff when they grow so fast!


If you look at your “friends” on Facebook, how many of them are truly your friends, and when was the last time you actually spoke to any of them?  I know there are some that I have not spoken to in years!  Every so often I go and do a clean out of who I actually share things with and now I am going to do an even bigger clean out, please don’t be offended if I remove you, it’s nothing personal, but if we haven’t engaged in a long time then it makes sense.

Here’s a great little video that you should watch!  Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

I think there is definitely a place for Facebook, it can be very good for community pages, businesses, support groups, school groups.  Those are exceptionally useful.

Instagram holy moly, I mean there were days that I spent ages trying to bloody do a flat lay photo, or raid the house for black and white stuff so I could do a monochrome photo. It all has just become far to time consuming.  Again, these little tiles of square can sometimes get you feeling a bit down, because you look at other people’s feed’s and think wow look at the stuff they have or the places they go (admit it you feel that way too, it’s called being human), but then reality slaps you in the face, and reminds you once again, it’s all styled and edited.  We cannot go through life with everything being styled or in the perfect light, and don’t get me started about Instagram stories and Snapchat…for fucks sake, like seriously, how long do some of these people spend recording themselves talk???

Imagine, if people actually didn’t spend hours looking at themselves talk all day about what they are doing, and how they wish their hair was straighter or had more body, or about them getting their eyebrows feathered.  They will be astounded at the amount of spare time they have up their sleeves, try it people you might be surprised.

The worst one is when people are out walking/exercising and they are videoing themselves talking for such a long time and I think to myself, have they ever thought what they look like to onlookers, here they are walking holding a phone out in front of them talking!  It’s fucking hilarious and ridiculous.  I am so sick of seeing people constantly going on about all the packages that are arriving at their doorsteps, I got a few things given to me to promote by brands, but I am so glad I don’t get a shit load of stuff, because quite frankly I can’t be arsed. There are some people who spend all day running from one PR event to another, it’s just crazy to me, but hey they love it and so that’s their thing.

It sort of all came to me when I was at Adele’s concert and I was standing there in the rain and spending so much time taking videos of her singing, and I am watching her through my phone screen.  I thought to myself like seriously what the hell is wrong with me, I didn’t pay $150 to watch Adele through my phone screen.  I put my phone away and was completely present, and I sang and danced with my daughter for the rest of the time.

I have slowly stopped posting much on Instagram and yes I might have lost some followers but I am at the point now where I don’t really care, I don’t post much on my private Facebook account now either, because I want my life to be mine, and not for everyone else to have a look in on.

Instead now I spend more time reading, listening to music, and dancing it out with my girls!

Happy detoxing!

Ronell x





Social Media Diarrhoea


Where do I start with this!  To be honest I love social media, it is a platform for so many helpful things like businesses, blogs, communities etc.  Over the years I have connected with so many wonderful people over social media whom I have never met but feel like we have been friends for years!  Since embarking on my blog, well talk about social media 101!

I had to learn so many new ways to use social media to help promote my blog and get people reading.  It’s full on to get your head around, first there was Facebook and Instagram, which was easy, I had to now learn all about tweeting (no I’m not a bird) and pinning a post on Pinterest, which I am no pro at.


Oh then came along Snapchat, which is just going crazy at the moment.  I enjoy following people who have similar interests to me. Since we are on the topic of Snapchat I watch other people’s updates and I think to myself, how the bloody hell do you have so much time to snapchat?  I know it’s only 10 second videos but man some people snapchat all day!!!! Do you actually get anything else done?  I may snapchat stuff here and there but not all day.  Hat’s off to those who can do that and still see to their kids, and cook dinner, and manage the house, even go to work, so kudos to you!   But the only thing that really pisses me off when I see people who are considered to be “influencers” snap chat in their car’s, and I’m watching the video going, hmm the trees and buildings outside your car window seems to be moving, which means you are driving!!!!!  Seriously, come on now guys.  There are lots of other’s that video when they are parked in their car’s that’s the sensible thing to do.


There are now Instagram stories which is exactly like Snapchat! I’ve just learnt Snapchat now this comes out, give me a chance to get the hang of one thing first.  So I’m thinking shit which one do I update, one or both? So I kinda just go with how I’m feeling and do videos/photo here and there, and sometimes I just completely forget that they are there to be honest! Also, now with Instagram, I noticed when people post they add a photo and type out a caption. Then add a comment underneath that with all this single dots each one on their own line then all the # tags.  What’s all that about?  I do not have time to sit and add a dot then scroll down and add another dot.  I am obviously not tech savvy enough.

When I started my blog I had to learn about things like widgets and plug in’s, my husband must have thought I was going crazy talking to my computer asking it how the hell it all works!  When I publish a blog post, it doesn’t end there, I have to update, Facebook, then Instagram, then twitter, and while doing this I get a notification that I need to update my profile on LinkedIn, arrrg…hold your horses, let me finish this first. Don’t get me started on Pinterest, I love it all, but the only thing I know to do is pin stuff to my boards, I’m sure I’ll get there one day.

Technology and social media is an evolving beast and it’s the way the future is going, we have to try to keep up with it, no matter how slow we go!  I’m loving learning so many things, it’s just when it all comes at you at once, my head starts to spin. I allocate an hour maybe two at the most, in the morning once the kids are gone to school, or at night once they are gone to bed, to work and plan stuff around my blog.  Social Media is the avenue that I need to use for my blog and getting support for what I do, but I can still be responsible and sensible in how I use it.

People may not like what I say about it, I might even loose some followers, but at the end of the day I’m just keeping it real, and this is how I feel about it, and you might feel differently and that is totally okay.

So my thought’s are embrace it, and enjoy it, but don’t let it become your entire life.  There is more to life than living through app’s!

Ronell x