Crossing the Line

To say it has been a tough week is an understatement.  This week absolutely broke me, to the point where you feel you have no fight left, and you have nothing to give!  My kids broke me –  how is it that kid’s these day’s who are so privileged, compared to when I was growing up, still don’t appreciate everything that we as parents do for them?

What brought me to this place?  Well my youngest has been playing up at school on more than one occasion with her group of friends.  First it was pinching blu tac from teachers classrooms, not just one teacher but five.  Which means I got a call from the deputy principle.  I could have died, who is this child????  Why is she doing this???  She and her friends had to write letters apologising for what they did.  I took out money from her jar which she was saving for our holiday and went straight to the supermarket and bought 5 packs of blu tac costing $20.  The next morning we went to each teacher and she had to replace it.

This week I got an email to say that the same group of girls damaged another child’s squishy toy (never want to f*cking see another squishy) deliberately.  We just went through the whole blu tac thing and now this!!!!!  It was the straw that broke the camels back!!!

I get the whole thing about kid’s wanting to push the boundaries and testing the limits but there is a point when enough is enough!  I don’t think any of these kids are silly, they know that what they are doing is wrong, right???  Surely they must know it’s not good??  But how do we teach kids remorse?  Because it seems as if they just have no clue!  I know my youngest is easily influenced by others, don’t get me wrong she is no angel but I know that this behaviour is way left field even for her.

No child is perfect and I am not asking them to be, but seriously, I just want to scream WHY??????  Actually I think I did do that when I lost it!  The thing is I know I am not the only parent going through this, why doesn’t anyone talk about it, we are all in the same boat, we might as well go down together, or stand up tall together.

Are parent’s embarrassed to talk about what their kids are getting up to? Especially amongst friends, you never know someone might have a brilliant idea on how to help.  Is this second child syndrome?  I keep ticking of things in my head like are there secret messages in her behaviour, is she crying out for help? – no, okay then is she being a total pain in the butt for no reason? – possibly, does she just want to fit in with her friends? – could be, is there a leader in this group? – there is always one that is.

My oldest she has her moment’s too, with her now in Intermediate all I hear, is “so and so’s parent’s let them do this, why can’t I?”.  “You alway’s so no for everything” I was like really???  I say no, how about all the things I say yes to!  But oh no kids love focusing on the no but never the thing’s we say yes to.

Well I hope there is light at the end of this tunnel, and please god let it just be a phase!

Here’s to a better week next week!

R x








Classroom Shenanigans


Holy smokes what an eye opener parent helping at school is!  I help each week in my 5 year old’s class during their reading time.

I always admired teachers, but now even more so!!!  My goodness how is it that teachers are still sane???  We all struggle from time to time with our kids at home be it 2 or 3 kids etc but HOW do the teachers do it in a class with 20 little people.  I would have well and truly lost my marbles by now.

I guess the boy girl ratio is a bit off with only 5 girls and the rest boys! I don’t think people really know what teachers do unless you sit in a class with them, they have to put up with all the screaming and shouting and throwing of things!  Even with the teacher sorting each issue as they arrive, do kids just not respect their teachers enough??  I know they are only 5 but when I was in school, when the teacher spoke you stop what you doing and listen.

Teachers to me are just priceless, the work they put in before and after school prepping for their days and then going through the whole day constantly putting out fires, teaching and getting the kids to listen is so much more than what we think. I now try to help the teacher with more than just parent helping in the classroom, even if it’s just cutting or sticking things at home that I can do for her.

To all the teachers that read this, I applaud you, you guys rock!