Social Media Diarrhoea


Where do I start with this!  To be honest I love social media, it is a platform for so many helpful things like businesses, blogs, communities etc.  Over the years I have connected with so many wonderful people over social media whom I have never met but feel like we have been friends for years!  Since embarking on my blog, well talk about social media 101!

I had to learn so many new ways to use social media to help promote my blog and get people reading.  It’s full on to get your head around, first there was Facebook and Instagram, which was easy, I had to now learn all about tweeting (no I’m not a bird) and pinning a post on Pinterest, which I am no pro at.


Oh then came along Snapchat, which is just going crazy at the moment.  I enjoy following people who have similar interests to me. Since we are on the topic of Snapchat I watch other people’s updates and I think to myself, how the bloody hell do you have so much time to snapchat?  I know it’s only 10 second videos but man some people snapchat all day!!!! Do you actually get anything else done?  I may snapchat stuff here and there but not all day.  Hat’s off to those who can do that and still see to their kids, and cook dinner, and manage the house, even go to work, so kudos to you!   But the only thing that really pisses me off when I see people who are considered to be “influencers” snap chat in their car’s, and I’m watching the video going, hmm the trees and buildings outside your car window seems to be moving, which means you are driving!!!!!  Seriously, come on now guys.  There are lots of other’s that video when they are parked in their car’s that’s the sensible thing to do.


There are now Instagram stories which is exactly like Snapchat! I’ve just learnt Snapchat now this comes out, give me a chance to get the hang of one thing first.  So I’m thinking shit which one do I update, one or both? So I kinda just go with how I’m feeling and do videos/photo here and there, and sometimes I just completely forget that they are there to be honest! Also, now with Instagram, I noticed when people post they add a photo and type out a caption. Then add a comment underneath that with all this single dots each one on their own line then all the # tags.  What’s all that about?  I do not have time to sit and add a dot then scroll down and add another dot.  I am obviously not tech savvy enough.

When I started my blog I had to learn about things like widgets and plug in’s, my husband must have thought I was going crazy talking to my computer asking it how the hell it all works!  When I publish a blog post, it doesn’t end there, I have to update, Facebook, then Instagram, then twitter, and while doing this I get a notification that I need to update my profile on LinkedIn, arrrg…hold your horses, let me finish this first. Don’t get me started on Pinterest, I love it all, but the only thing I know to do is pin stuff to my boards, I’m sure I’ll get there one day.

Technology and social media is an evolving beast and it’s the way the future is going, we have to try to keep up with it, no matter how slow we go!  I’m loving learning so many things, it’s just when it all comes at you at once, my head starts to spin. I allocate an hour maybe two at the most, in the morning once the kids are gone to school, or at night once they are gone to bed, to work and plan stuff around my blog.  Social Media is the avenue that I need to use for my blog and getting support for what I do, but I can still be responsible and sensible in how I use it.

People may not like what I say about it, I might even loose some followers, but at the end of the day I’m just keeping it real, and this is how I feel about it, and you might feel differently and that is totally okay.

So my thought’s are embrace it, and enjoy it, but don’t let it become your entire life.  There is more to life than living through app’s!

Ronell x